Best Resistance Bands

P90X heavy duty resistance bands are thick and strong

Best resistance bands? To me, they are the P90X Resistance Bands Workout Kit. A home fitness workout usually includes exercises with resistance training bands to increase intensity, and the P90X Kit delivers.

The P90X Resistance Bands Workout Kit contains three thick heavy duty bands of graduated resistance. They are color-coded and come with four soft foam-covered handles.

A resistance bands workout is usually done as an alternative to weights, in rehabilitating an injury, or with high-intensity circuit found in popular calorie-busting courses like the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program or Craig Ballantyne's outstanding Turbulence Training program.

Why use resistance bands for your workouts?

the best resistance bands for your home fitness workout are the p90x resistance bands workout kit

* They add variety. They feel different than free weights, but they will make you work hard.

* They improve coordination because you are forced to stabilize your body in ways it is not familiar with.

* All fitness levels can use them. The ease of changing handles allows two people to share in a "one works/one rests" partner workout.

* Resistance bands pack easy for travel. (Guys usually pack a pair of Push Up Bars also.)

Please keep in mind that even the best resistance training bands will not turn you into a 300 lb bench presser. They can help increase strength, and are excellent for rehab work, but they simply cannot take the place of weight training. However, women and seniors find them very beneficial for increasing their strength to begin a weight training program.

Thick, heavy duty resistance bands will be more expensive than the ones you find at stores like Target or WalMart, but they will not tear and they have great longevity.

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