Can You Lose Weight By Eating Less?

can you lose weight by eating less

Can you lose weight by eating less and still maintain safe weight loss? Yes you can!

Can you lose weight by eating less? Yes, you can lose weight by eating less, but that does not mean you have to starve yourself.

Women's weight loss does not have to be complicated or harsh. You can discover how to lose weight efficiently, and what healthy weight loss per week actually entails by just spending a few minutes reading this article.

For some reason, when women make the decision to lose significant pounds, many of them attack the problem with an "all or none" mindset. This often leads to weight loss strategies that are poorly conceived, do not follow good nutritional guidelines, and can actually be dangerous to your system.

"Will not eating help you lose weight?" and "Safe weight loss per week" are two popular search terms women use to gather information on getting rid of excess fat.

Creating a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you take in) each week is the #1 strategy for women's weight loss. However, the way you go about creating this deficit is key to both your success and your overall health.

Can you lose weight by eating less? Definitely! And you can do it by eating nutritious, natural foods that provide energy and stimulate your metabolism.

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Can You Lose Weight By Eating Less? - Doing it right

can you lose weight by eating less You can lose weight by eating less, but NOT if you go to extremes. Although crash diets seem to work initially, they simply CANNOT be maintained. When you lower your caloric intake by too much, your system panics and starts screaming "Save the fat!!!" and your metabolism hits the brakes.

Diets involving expensive appetite-suppressing supplements or dangerous prescription diet pills suffer the same fate. You may lose 15 pounds in the space of 8-10 days, but you will be overcome with cravings, irritable, lethargic, and unrested.

Chances are strong that the cravings for high-carb/high-fat foods will have a yo-yo effect on your system, and you will gain back even MORE fat than you previously lost.

The key to reaching your weight loss goals is to progressively reduce the amount of food you are eating by eliminating poor food choices and replacing them with more nutritious ones.

In reality, a diet is not what you want to establish safe weight loss per week. What you need to do is make important, positive changes in your lifestyle.

The easiest diet to follow is actually not a diet, it is changing your lifelong eating habits so that once you lose belly fat and thigh will keep it off forever.

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Less? - Working the plan

how can you lose weight by eating less Below are some solid strategies, taken directly from the Flat Belly Solution Program, created by nutritionist/exercise physiologist, Isabel De Los Rios.

* Start eating less by getting ALL sugar foods out of your present diet. This means boxed cereals, pop, desserts, pastries, etc. Replace them with fresh fruit.

* Start eating less by reducing the amount of processed foods (those that come in any kind of box, can, or package) and eating more fresh vegetables and solid protein sources...NOT smoothies or protein shakes.

* Accelerate you fat burning by engaging in moderate exercise that includes weight lifting, and some form of cardio each day for at least 30-45 minutes.

* Drink more water throughout the day. This will make you feel more full and you will eat less.

* Start eating less by having an apple and a cold glass of water about 15 minutes before your major meals. The fiber in the apple will make you feel full, as will the water, and you will reduce the amount of food you eat.

* Healthy weight loss per week is just 1-2 pounds, but it really adds up over four to six months. Patience and conscious eating are key.

* Each major meal and snack needs to include a vegetable and a solid protein source such as wild fish, grilled chicken, or lean turkey meat.

I hope this has provided some encouragement for your own weight loss goals. Please stay away from anything promoting the fastest way to get skinny. You can drop dress sizes and lose your muffin top with a proven program like the Flat Belly Solution.

Can you lose weight by eating less? YES...and you can do it sensibly and safely.

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