The Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat - Eat Stop Eat

To us, the best diet to lose belly fat is Eat Stop Eat by nutritionist Brad Pilon. It is the easiest diet to initiate and maintain.

Brad's program centers on intermittent fasting to achieve a caloric deficit and an intelligent weight training routine to build lean muscle (increasing your metabolism.)

ALL diets will help you lose weight initially, but in the end they all seem to fail because the protocol is just too hard to sustain.

Some are far too restrictive in food choices, some are way too cumbersome with calorie-counting journals or portion-control requirements, while some have cardio and fitness routines that exhaust you.

In the end, the best diet to provide you fat loss success is the one you find the easiest to follow and the one that provides the most comfortable way to produce an ongoing calorie deficit.

Fat loss dieting does not need to be complicated or burdensome.

The best diet to lose belly fat needs to be safe, simple, and get solid results

the best diet to lose belly fat is eat stop eat Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat fits the criteria on all points.

A certified nutritionist with a Masters degree, Brad's emphasis is on you learning more about how your body works, changing your outlook to make more positive food choices, and recognizing activities that completely sabotage your good efforts to lose belly fat.

The core of his fat loss dieting program focuses on three main areas: (1) Establishing a routine to produce a calorie-deficit each week through intermittent fasting (2) Moving more. Spending 20-30 minutes each day in some type of activity that requires to get off the couch, and (3) A weight training component so that you build lean muscle tissue, increasing your metabolism naturally.

There are NO special supplements to purchase. There are NO phony exercise gadgets to buy. There are NO starvation-mode eating plans. And, there are NO dangerous pills to take and NO harsh workouts to endure.

However, you will be expected to make intelligent nutritional choices in what you eat and commit to regular workouts that involve movement and weight training.

Can you remember the last time you wished you looked better in shorts or a bathing suit? Is the tradeoff for a more positive lifestyle worth the commitment?

Are there any drawbacks to the Eat Stop Eat diet to lose belly fat?

eat stop eat is the best diet to lose belly fat We are not here to fool or mislead anyone. We will go on record to say that the Eat Stop Eat dieting for fat loss program is NOT for every woman.

* If you are looking for one of those programs to "lose 15-20 pounds in one week, " this will not work for you. Brad's simple diet plan is progressive, sustainable, and ongoing. Expect to lose 1-2 pounds each week.

* It takes a bit of time to get used to intermittent fasting for 24-hour segments. Expect to make a few false steps, especially if you have been eating "mindlessly" for the past few years.

* If you do not like movement or do not see the benefit of regular exercise, especially with weight training, you will fail at this program.

* If you are the type of person who feels entitled to massive "cheat days" during the course of your diet (which in this case is life long), you will sabotage your best efforts.

* The best diet to lose belly fat requires some measure of self-discipline and commitment to a better YOU, as a whole.

If you have been discouraged in the past with your best efforts to lose weight and make fat loss permanent...if you feel down about the way you look in the mirror...if you want to feel more confident in a bathing suit or cute shorts...the Eat Stop Eat diet to lose belly fat may be worth looking into.

We wish you the best in achieving a life without fat.

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