Exercise And Belly Fat

exercise and belly fat have a direct relationship, but good food choices are the real key

Looking for the best exercises to burn belly fat?

Exercise and belly fat loss go hand-in-hand. However, good food choices are the real key to burning belly fat. Intelligent exercise and cardio that build lean muscle will accelerate fat loss.

Let's be realistic. There is a direct relationship between losing belly fat and exercise, however you will NEVER be able to exercise-off belly fat.

Please burn that into your brain.

No amount of extra crunches, kettlebell swings, or interval workouts will accelerate fat loss as much as making positive food choices that establish a slight calorie-deficit each week.

To get rid of love handles and belly fat, you MUST follow a fat loss program that is comprehensive. It must integrate all elements of diet, weight training to build lean muscle, and functional workouts.

Exercise and belly fat are forever linked

exercise and belly fat will be forever linked One of the main reasons people leave their fat loss program is because it is out-of-balance toward exercise.

It comes packaged with glowing hype and air-brushed photos of flat and defined abdominals...but the program itself is centered on harsh workouts or mindless cardio.

* To get rid of male belly fat, or get toned female abs, you must begin making good food choices.

* Sugar is your #1 enemy: You can immediately start your way to better health and fitness by getting it out of your diet. Pies, pastries, ice cream, sweets, pop, and candy snacks have NO place in an optimal nutrition plan.

* Processed foods are your #2 enemy: If you really want to lose belly fat and make your fat loss permanent, you will commit to avoiding them. They are way too high in sodium, and contain dangerous trans fats.

* Start adding more fresh fruit and green/yellow vegetables to your diet. Eating more foods that grow on trees and more foods that come out of the ground will accelerate fat loss.

You cannot just jump into a diet/exercise program to lose belly fat. Intensity must be progressive just as fat loss will be progressive.

A proven program that blends exercise and belly fat loss

mike geary's program blends exercise and belly fat loss with optimal nutrition

The Truth About Six Pack Abs, by Mike Geary, is a comprehensive program of optimal nutritional strategies combined with strength training to build lean muscle, and interval workouts.

* Since 2005, Mike's program has been the best-selling product on the Internet to eliminate belly fat. He has helped 1000's of men and women look better, feel better, and become more fit.

* You will learn EXACTLY what foods are best to promote lean muscle growth, rather than fat storage on your waist. You will learn what foods sabotage your best fat loss efforts.

* You will learn how mindless eating has contributed to the fat you have put on, and how conscious eating will help get rid of it.

* You will learn the fundamental, multi-joint exercises that burn huge amounts of calories and naturally increase metabolism.

* Mike's program will introduce you to the time-saving and fat-torching basics of interval workouts.

* There are NO expensive (and worthless) supplements to purchase. NO idiotic exercise equipment to buy. NO dangerous diet pills to ingest.

If you have been looking for a proven program to blend exercise and belly fat loss...The Truth About Six Pack Abs is worth considering.

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