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Finding the best fat loss workout routines to burn belly fat is almost futile. Why? Because to lose belly fat and thigh fat you need a comprehensive program. The best fat loss workouts are integrated with sound nutritional choices, proven weight-training exercises, and intelligent cardio centered around interval training.

The best ab workouts ever designed WILL NOT help you burn abdominal fat if you do not make good food choices and neglect structured physical activity.

Last month, I read an article saying a medical study has proven that there is one substantiated program that beats the best ab exercises 18-to-1 in reducing body fat. Guess what it is?

Reducing your caloric intake. Dieting.

However, dieting alone will not help you make fat loss permanent. If your goal is to look better, become more healthy, and feel better about yourself...you must go much deeper and make positive lifestyle changes.

Fat loss workout routines are only part of the equation

best fat loss workout routines It is a total disservice to women when they are conned into thinking a series of intense workouts will help them burn belly fat and get rid of thigh fat. Your body doesn't work that way. It is an integrated system of interrelated functions.

Physical activity, protracted lengths of cardio endurance, hydration, restful sleep, awareness of emotions, and reduction of calories all play significant roles in achieving a life without fat.

I doesn't matter what new exercise routine you initiate or what diet you start, they will all show results...for the first several weeks. After that, your body will begin to adapt and fat losses will dry up.

You feel discouraged, your workouts become sluggish, your new diet looks bland, and you hit a plateau. This is usually about the time an emotional trigger sets off a increase in the amount of food you eat, and you become so disappointed in yourself that you start making very poor food choices. The fat comes back on...and you sometimes end up gaining back even more than you lost.

The best fat loss workout routines cannot save you from this. If you are to burn belly fat, get rid of thigh fat and make your fat loss permanent, you need a proven program that supports you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

the best fat loss workout routines to burn belly fat By far, the best comprehensive program we have ever found for sensible, safe, and progressive fat loss is Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle.

I know...I know...it sounds real male doesn't it? Don't be fooled. Even though it was written by author, freelance writer, and male bodybuilder Tom Venuto, the success of this proven program has been because of the thousands of women it has helped lose unhealthy body fat.

The whole foundation of Tom's program is for YOU to change to a more positive lifestyle that integrates good food choices, consistent weight training, structured cardio, and attention to being sabotaged by emotional eating.

Tom understands that women will work hard if they have realistic, doable, and progressive goals. He writes in a sensitive style that promotes becoming a better YOU, mentally and emotionally as you work to create the body you want.

There are NO harsh diets, NO stupidly intense fat loss workout routines, NO mindless miles of running, NO expensive supplements to purchase, and NO dangerous pills to ingest.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a step-by-step guide to helping you attain a life without fat.

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