Fitness Advice For Women

fitness advice for women

Losing belly fat - Dieting for fat loss

Fitness advice for women can be both overwhelming and inaccurate. There is a lot of misinformation on women's fat loss. Losing belly fat and finding the best fat loss workouts for women should not be complicated.

There has been amazing advances made in science and medicine that can help women tremendously, but safe and sensible fitness still comes down to some basics that are just common sense...

(1) Calories are the most critical element of any diet. If you have a calorie deficit, you will lose fat.

(2) Committing to a positive lifestyle that emphasizes good food choices and nutritional balance is imperative.

(3) Weight training for women is both accepted and beneficial. If you stick to basic lifts, you will build lean muscle mass to help increase your metabolism.

(4) You need some sort of continuous physical activity for 20-30 minutes each day. You can walk off belly fat with a consistent and well-planned program.

(5) There are tremendous benefits of drinking water. Make this an integral part of your fitness program.

(6) The best diet for women is the one that is easiest to initiate, maintain, is uncomplicated, and gets results in the easiest manner.

Fitness advice for women must be safe, sensible, and have proven results

fitness advice for women include lifting weights to increase metabolism

If you are a woman who has committed to a lifetime plan of good food choices and understanding how calories affect your body, you are way ahead of the game. Add in some basic weight-training exercises and daily continuous activity, and you should be able to achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.

* Problems arise for women when they hit "plateaus" and are not seeing results that they previously got. They can become discouraged or confused, and start reaching for high-tech sounding solutions.

* Be aware that plateaus happen. Athletes go through them all the time. You DO NOT have to resort to anything drastic, or SHOCK your body. Small adjustments in your diet or exercise intensity are usually all that is needed.

* Everybody at the gym has unsolicited fitness advice for women on how to achieve results. A personal trainer with a high school education...and a 2-day certification NOT an authority on women's fitness.

* Any comprehensive diet/workout program should adhere to the criteria for safe weight loss set forth by the State of Michigan Surgeon General. They are the best we have seen.

* Emotional eating has been the undoing of many fitness and fat loss programs for women. Know your feelings intimately, and know which ones trigger mindless eating or eating to fill a void. Know what situations and behaviors can sabotage your best efforts. YOU must become the expert on you and have a support system in place.

* When you workout, you will be expected to sweat a little, get out of breath, and get a bit red in the face...but you don't have to hammer yourself senseless at the gym, or when you run.

* Exhausting, hyper-intense workouts...restrictive or starvation diets, expensive "secret" supplements, high-tech sounding home exercise equipment, dangerous pills, and invasive surgery have NO role in a woman's fitness plan.

Fitness advice for women must be continually scrutinized. It is much easier to stay in shape...then to get into shape. Your lifelong commitment to a positive lifestyle will benefit you greatly. Never compromise.

We wish you many blessings in achieving a life without fat.

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