Flat Belly Solution Complaints

flat belly solution complaints

Complaints about the Flat Belly Solution can be both funny and poignant

Flat Belly Solution complaints are both varied and curious. I'll list some of the complaints about the Flat Belly Solution and let you be the judge. Remember, this is a women's weight loss program.

I'm sure Isabel De Los Rios, who created the Flat Belly Solution has even more complaints that would give you pause, but I will give you some of the ones that have me still scratching my head.

Curious Flat Belly Solution Complaints

* "You are expected to eat healthy food day-in and day-out. That's not realistic. A lot of unhealthy food tastes much better than what is good for you."

* "Why should I wake up a half-hour early just to make myself a healthy breakfast? I can eat two donuts on the way to work and feel pretty full."

* "I want to lose weight, not give up my favorite foods. I thought this was a diet where you get to eat whatever you want."

* "That eBook just sits on my computer desktop. How can people be expected to lose weight that way?"

* "You can't expect people to stick to something this simple. Why make a habit out of eating healthy and getting some exercise? That's why we have diets."

More Flat Belly Solution Complaints

* "Why did Isabel wait until 2007 to create this program? I could have used it back in the '90's."

* "I started the Flat Belly Solution right after Christmas and by Memorial Day I had lost 30 lbs. Now, it will cost me about $400 for some nice swimsuits and new summer clothes."

* "A lot of friends talk behind my back like I'm doing something illegal with my body. They always seem suspicious when I eat vegetables and a chicken breast for a snack, instead of the cookies in the Break Room."

* "Too many guys try to talk to me when I want to shop. I guess that's not a bad thing, though."

* "I wish Isabel lived next door so I could hug her everyday. I look fantastic, now!"

Over 70,000 women have purchased Isabel's program. Hundreds more order it throughout the week. Women's weight loss blogs, health & fitness forums, and even FaceBook accounts display Flat Belly Solution reviews that applaud Isabel's insight and nutrition principles.

As you can see, Flat Belly Solution complaints have quite a varied tenor to them.

flat belly solution complaints are few

you will not find many flat belly solution complaints

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