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Lose weight sensibly with the Flat Belly Solution by Isabel De Los Rios

Flat Belly Solution questions. I will provide you the answers to the most frequent questions about the Flat Belly Solution. Learn more about this popular women's weight loss plan by Isabel De Los Rios.

Most Frequent Flat Belly Solution Questions

What is the Flat Belly Solution?

It is a safe and sensible women's weight loss plan that has become a best-seller for one simple reason...It gets results you can see. It includes a 99-page manual, plus lots of bonus material including detailed shopping lists, detailed meal plans, and about 80 quick Flat Belly Solution recipes.

Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

Isabel De Los Rios is the author who created the Flat Belly Solution Program. Shy, reclusive, and 30 lbs. overweight all through junior high and high school, Isabel spent much of her time in constant fear that she would contract Type 2 diabetes like her mother and grandmother. This pushed her to enroll in Pre-Med courses at Rutgers University where she graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology. During her years there, she developed incredible research skills that lent themselves to creating the Flat Belly Solution. Although it took her 15 years, she has provided women with a comprehensive resource validated by physicians.

Why is the Flat Belly Solution so popular?

Isabel's Flat Belly Solution gets results that women can see both on their scales and in the mirror. Her program is so appealing because it is NOT a novelty diet. Women view it as a comprehensive and structured guidebook to make significant changes in their lifelong eating habits. Questions about the Flat Belly Solution are answered daily in many weight loss forums and on women's health & fitness blogs. Flat Belly Solution reviews are positive, validating, and fiercely loyal.

What are the benefits of the Flat Belly Solution?

Benefits of the Flat Belly Solution are too numerous to list here, but the main ones women point to are:

* Weight loss is safe, sensible, and progressive. NO extremes.

* There is NO calorie counting.

* Women discover how to eat consciously and to enhance their personal Metabolism Type.

* Women get sugar foods OUT of their diets!

* Good food choices are almost automatic because he majority of selections comes form natural foods...NOT packaged.

Over 70,000 women have purchased the Flat Belly Solution and hundreds more order it each week. It has become a premiere best-seller strictly by word-of-mouth...because it works!

flat belly solution questions are all answeered in isabels 99-page book

questions about the flat belly solution are answered each day in many weight loss forums

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