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flavia full body workout

The Flavia Full Body Workout is an advanced program for women who want sculpted bodies

The Flavia Full Body Workout is the explosively popular "Full Body Licious" Flavia Del Monte's weight loss and fitness for women program.

Before we go any farther, let me emphasize that Flavia's Full Body Workout is geared for "advanced fitness" participants. To me, it would be a bit overwhelming for beginners who do not have a solid base of strength and endurance behind them.

(If you are a beginner who wants to lose weight, you are far better off getting your eating habits under control with the Flat Belly Solution, then graduating to a proven beginner's fitness/workout program like Visual Impact For Women.)

Flavia Full Body Workout - You will look tight!

the flavia full bosy workout will make you tight and fit

* One look at Flavia Del Monte, and you can tell she's been diligent with her diet and consistent with her workouts...BUT she didn't always look this way. Her diet/workout protocol helped her drop 20 lbs. and get her percent body fat down to 13.5%. (This is like a guy at 5-6%!) You can achieve the same look, but it will take time and focus.

* Flavia's Full Body Workout is high-energy. Since it is for advanced women, please be prepared to sweat, get out of breath, and get a little red in the face.

* Flavia's Full Body Workout comes as a 5-Day online video series. (There are NO shipped DVD's like the P90X Exercise Program.) Each online video also comes with printable workout sheets.

* This advanced workout program also comes with four bonus eBooks.

* Flavia's Full Body Workout is a complete integration of optimal nutrition and fat-burning, high-energy workouts. There is no way you can ever exercise-off the amount of calories needed to get cut. A focused diet is about 80% of the equation.

If you have been happy with the results of your current diet/workout plan, but want to see what you can really do with your body, this may be the answer. The Flavia Full Body Workout is a proven program that is rocketing in popularity with women who seek advanced training.

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