Flavia Workout Reviews

flavia workout reviews

Flavia workout reviews have exploded sales for Flavia Del Monte's fitness program

Flavia workout reviews are propelling Flavia Del Monte's new fitness program sales to new records. This Flavia workout review will tell you what's makes it work.

Flavia Del Monte is the beautiful wife of men's fitness guru, Vince Del Monte, but she doesn't take a backseat to him when it comes to getting results.

At age 30, she is in much better shape than she was in her 20's. She's dropped 20 lbs. and has her percent body fat at 13.5% (which is like 6% on a guy.)

Flavia Workout Review - What's it all about?

flavia workout reviews have exploded its sales

* The first thing you should know about the Full Body Licious workout is that it is NOT for beginners. This is definitely for advanced women who are already in decent shape.

* The workouts are high-energy. You will work hard and burn more calories than a beginner's program. You'll sweat, get out of breath, and get red in the face.

* Flavia's workout program focuses on both nutrition and exercise. There is NO disconnect here.

* The Flavia workout comes with a 5-Day online video series. Each online video also comes with printable, workout sheets that you can download.

* Flavia's workout purchase comes with four bonus eBooks. They are: Eat This - Burn Fat...Kitchen Makeover...Hormone Control...and the Fab 5 Supplement Guide

Flavia workout reviews have carried her program to explosive sales growth for one reason...it gets results. If you are faithful to the nutrition guidelines and do the workouts consistently, you too will notice a change, both on the scales and in the mirror.

Flavia Del Monte has gone to great lengths to design this advanced women's fat loss program. It is NOT just a rehash of the methods her husband, Vince, uses to train men. She recognizes the physiological differences between males and females, and refuses to fall back on the techniques of her husband.

If you are looking for a workout plan to take your percent body fat to sculpted levels, this is it. There's a reason why women praise it so much in Flavia workout reviews...It works!

flavia workout reviews praise her new program

flavia workout reviews have increased sales

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