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You can get ab definition by building lean muscle mass and committing to a solid nutritional program. Burn belly fat and gain muscle mass to create a body women find appealing.

Unless you are genetically gifted (or a professional bodybuilder on steroids), there is no magic to getting defined abs.

It takes mental commitment to nutrition, building lean muscle mass in the weight room, and structuring your cardio like a professional or Olympic athlete.

It is no secret that women are attracted to lean, taut-looking men. They see them as energized, willing to work hard, protective, and ultra-male.

Sadly, on the flip side, they see smooth, flabby-looking guys as unathletic, having low self-discipline, and totally lacking is sexual attractiveness.

Burn this into your brain: male belly fat is a turn-off to women.

If you want to burn belly fat, get ab definition, and increase your total muscularity, you need a proven program that is both comprehensive in its approach and gets results.

The best program to get defined abs and gain muscle mass

get ab definition Hands down, the very best program we have ever found to progressively lose belly fat and increase lean muscle mass is The Truth About Six Pack Abs by natural bodybuilder, Mike Geary.

Why? Because there is no hype and no fluff. Mike's entire focus is for you to learn how your body works, how fat is burned, how muscle is gained, and how to keep from sabotaging yourself along the way.

There is NO promise of building slabs of lean muscle in 8 weeks. There is NO promise of getting six-pack abs in 60 days.

However, there is a promise that you will learn to the goal-setting strategies of professional and Olympic athletes, that you will learn the fat-burning strategies of top natural bodybuilders, and that you will train with a structured, but flexible program much like the ones of professional NFL players.

To get ab definition, you must commit to a progressive program and learn how to stay away from situations that will sabotage your training, beat the plateaus that attempt to derail you, and become more aware of changing to a highly positive lifestyle.

In order to get ripped abs, you must gain muscle mass to increase your metabolism naturally and keep it there to burn belly fat continuously. By building lean muscle to reduce your overall body fat percentage, you will become more conscious about what you put in your mouth and the consequences of your food choices.

Mike Geary gives it to you straight - Be disciplined, be sensible, and you'll be successful

get ab definition with tom venuto's program It doesn't take much observation to see Mike is a living example of his best-selling The Truth About Six pack Abs program.

He has disciplined himself to be conscious of what he eats. He has disciplined himself to train in the weight room with a goal in mind each workout. And, he has disciplined himself to utilize structured interval training to burn fat instead of spending mindless hours jogging slowly.

* In Mike's program you will learn the best compound-joint exercises to gain muscle mass.

* You will learn how to choose the right foods to build lean muscle mass and get ab definition. This is not about dieting on bland foods or messing up your metabolism with starvation diets.

* You will learn how handle holidays and nights out with the guys without totally sabotaging all of your hard work.

Mike's program has helped thousands of guys like all of us, get rid of beer bellies, lose love handles, and get defined abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs will show you how to build lean muscle and create a body women find desirable.

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What kind of results will you get if you train like the Soviet Special Forces?

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