Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment: Best Push Up Stands

by Chip Beach

The best push up stands, to me, for your home fitness and exercise equipment are the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands.

Let me tell you, these monsters will last for the next couple of centuries.

They are heavy-duty, premium-grade, solid metal. If you were going to bend these things, you'd have to throw them under a Soviet tractor.

The guys (like me) who do P90X workouts love these push up stands.

The handles are canted, to take stress off your wrists and forearms, and they are taller than the regular push up bars, so you can get deeper during your reps. They have non-skid rubber on the base, and they don't budge.

If you are looking for the best push up stands for your own home fitness and exercise equipment, the P90X PowerStands Push-Up Stands get it done, big time.

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