Home Fitness And Exercise Equipment:Timex Ironman W-150 Watch Review

by Chip Beach

The Timex T5K254 Men's IRONMAN 150-Lap TAP Screen Sleek Watch is also known as the Timex Ironman W-150...which is a lot easier to remember.

I purchased this watch as part of my own home fitness and exercise equipment. It does everything I want it to, and I actually like the color.

The Timex Ironman W-150 has a huge face, which I particularly like because I run on the Florida beach and it can be a bit bumpy to check my pace, sometimes. Reading time on something about the size of a hubcap makes it a lot easier.

The Timex Ironman W-150 has a variety of features, but the two I like best are the: Interval Timers (there are 16...with Repeat) and the Target Time Pacer. This feature helps you stay on your target pace in a workout or race, so you can reach whatever finishing time you are shooting for. With every lap or interval segment, the Timex Ironman W-150 gives you audio and visual alerts to let you know whether your pace needs to be bumped up, throttled back, or is right on target.

This has been a great watch for me.

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