How Can I Lose Belly Fat?

Many women ask, "How can I lose belly fat? Is there a fat loss program that actually works? Can I really lose belly fat?" The answer is Yes!

If you are like most of us, you've heard about a "special" diet for fat loss...and maybe even tried a couple of the more popular ones...but after about 8-10 weeks you felt like you hit a wall. You were not making dramatic drops in weight or inches. The food in your diet sounded bland and you couldn't seem to drag your self to one more "Total Body Sculpting" class.

Your program ended in discouragement...and to make things worse, you gained back a couple of pounds MORE than when you started!

Listen, it doesn't have to be that way any more. You deserve to look good and you deserve to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror or put on a swimsuit. You can have a life without fat.

"How can I lose belly fat?" is the best question you can ask

you can lose belly fat with a proven program Why do we say that? Because it will force you to look hard at the fat loss program you want to commit to. It will force you to evaluate what is helpful and what is hype.

* Please know there is hope. Thousands of men and women have made fat loss permanent by following a progressive program that focuses on changes in your lifestyle.

* Sadly, diets do not work. (Well...actually they do...but only for a few weeks.) Your body is geared to adapt and when calories are severely restricted in a regimented diet, your body starts screaming, "Save the fat!"

* A comprehensive program that is based on medical/scientific research...that is doable, sustainable, and flexible is the way to reach your fat loss goals.

* When you ask, "How can I lose belly fat?" you must be willing to commit to making positive changes once you find the answer. Learning how your body works and understanding fat loss is a progressive undertaking are key.

* You must adhere to a program that provides a solid nutritional foundation, emphasizes intelligent food choices, gives you legit info on exercises and cardio workouts, includes stress management, and embraces the component of more sleep.

* It is true that only surgery can get rid of fat cells, but you can shrink them without something that invasive. You DO NOT need questionable supplements. You DO NOT need harsh diets that foul-up your metabolism. You DO NOT need to spend hours in aerobic classes at the gym.

A proven program that answers, "How can I lose belly fat?"

burn the fat feed the muscle is the best program for losing belly fat The finest program we have ever found for losing belly fat and making your fat loss permanent is Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle by natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto.

His entire premise for permanent fat loss revolves around knowing yourself (emotional triggers that sabotage food choice), staying motivated during a lifelong program, knowing when to change your diet and exercises, how to get the most out of cardio without running endless miles, and taking care of yourself with good rest.

It seems like a lot of women are put off, at first, because Tom is a male bodybuilder and he makes references to fitness models on his site and book cover. However, he writes in an affirming and validating style that is sensitive to the emotional issues women experience when they look and feel heavy.

Tom is a proponent of eating a balanced diet, exercising with intent and a goal, making sure you drink plenty of water, and getting more sleep.

His message is positive and uplifting. His book provides a wonderful step-by-step guide to making decisive changes in your lifestyle that will reward you with a life without fat.

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