How To Lose Man Boobs

discover how to lose man boobs

Discover how to lose man boobs with Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program

Discover how to lose man boobs with a proven program by Tom Venuto that helps you lose body fat and build lean muscle. His Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program gets results.

"Man boobs" are, perhaps, the most embarrassing condition of appearance for guys. Flabby, hanging flesh makes guys look soft, unathletic, and feminine. Women unfairly judge men carrying extra pounds of fat on their chest as having no ambition and even less self-discipline.

I agree, it's a crock, but in the real world you have to go with "perception is reality" and make your fight to defeat this condition from that premise.

Unfortunately, when guys decide to do something about getting rid of man boobs, they go at it the absolute wrong ways.

They search the Internet for "How to lose man boobs fast."

They cut calories to starvation-mode levels, workout focusing on every chest exercise (benches, push-ups, dumbbell flys, etc.) imaginable, walk on a treadmill for an hour at a time, and ingest tons of expensive supplements, smoothies, and protein shakes.

Three weeks later, they are exhausted, dehydrated, may have diarrhea...and haven't lost more than a pound or two.

It doesn't have to be this way any more. You CAN lose body fat and get rid of man boobs. You CAN gain lean muscle and make your body tighter and harder.

You will not have to obsess about how to lose man boobs once you embark on a proven program like Tom Venuto's.

Will it take some time and effort? Yes...but it does NOT have to be extreme or harsh. You can lose man boobs and build more musculature with better nutrition, intelligent workouts, and adherence to more positive lifestyle habits.

Before we go any farther, let's cover the things that WILL NOT help you get rid of chest and abdominal fat:

* Immediate and drastic reduction in calories. (This will actually slow down your metabolism.)
* Focusing on ONLY your torso during exercise. (You CANNOT spot-reduce.)
* Doing long, slow sessions of cardio.
* Engaging in two-hour, high-rep workouts.
* Believing there are "secret pills" or supplements to eliminate fat as you watch TV.
* Being unrealistic with a timetable. (Think months...not weeks.)
* Unwillingness to make significant, positive changes in diet as part of lifestyle.
* Unwillingness to adopt a regular and consistent workout plan as part of lifestyle.
* Cosmetic surgery. (It doesn't always work. Then what???)

Certainly, there are other obstacles to getting rid of man boobs and male belly fat, but these are the ones that repeatedly trip guys up.

burn the fat feed the muscle will teach you how to lose man boobs

How To Lose Man Boobs - Burn The Fat Program

discover how to lose man boobs with tom venuto's program

* Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle provides you a detailed, step-by-step guidebook for eliminating body fat and building lean muscle mass.

* Author Tom Venuto was once a soft, flabby college party-boy who changed into a natural (NO steroids) bodybuilding champion that graduated with a degree in Exercise Science.

* You will discover why nutrition is the key to both fat loss and muscular development. You will find out why natural foods from Mother Nature, and solid protein sources are far superior to anything else.

* You will discover why you need to get sugar foods and starchy, processed, chemically-bloated foods completely out of your diet so your metabolism can thrive.

* You will discover why staying hydrated and getting optimal rest contribute directly to keeping your metabolism smoking.

* You will discover why brief, fundamental, compound-joint exercises with weights build lean muscle most efficiently.

* You will discover why interval training is far superior to long, boring, slow cardio...and sends your metabolism into overdrive the rest of the day.

* You will discover why your attitude is so vital, and how to set realistic goals to get rid of man boobs.

Tom makes NO false promises in his program. He is very up-front with what will be required of you to lose chest fat and belly fat.

In fact, in the beginning of his book, Tom says, "It’s tempting to believe that all you need to solve your excess body fat problem is a pill or diet shake. If there’s any 'secret' to fat loss, it’s hard work on your diet and training program. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll be the proud owner of a lean body. Unfortunately, this isn't what most people want to hear."

Close to 250,000 guys have purchased Tom's program since it debuted in 2003. Hundreds more order it each week. It has become an explosive best-seller for one reason...It works. Guys lose fat and become more muscular.

If you are truly seeking a proven program about how to lose man boobs, Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a premiere blueprint for success.

How To Lose Man Boobs

learn how to lose man boobs with tom venuto's program

order the premiere program on how to lose man boobs

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