Isabel De Los Rios Review

isabel de los rios review

My Isabel De Los Rios review cannot be anything less than positive because her best-selling Diet Solution Plan gets excellent results.

Any Isabel De Los Rios review I do will be positive because I have achieved excellent results with her Diet Solution Program. Even though it is the premiere womens weight loss plan, men get exceptional results, also.

Why? Two reasons: (1) Isabel's Diet Solution Program teaches you to eat consciously...meaning you are constantly aware of EXACTLY what kind of food you are putting in your mouth, and how it will affect fat storage on your body.

And (2) You will discover that eating naturally...making food choices from selections produced by Mother Nature, NOT out of a cardboard box, can, or plastic wrap...are far more nutritious and enhance your metabolism.

Belly fat on guys is just as dangerous as belly fat on women. As the girth of our bellies increase, so does predisposition to health maladies.

All of us want to look better and feel better...and not be setting ourselves up for debilitating consequences like Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, or stroke.

Isabel De Los Rios has created a sensible, effective, and progressive weight loss plan that has become a best-seller.

The nutritional guidelines for Isabel's weight loss program parallel those of, Tom Venuto, creator of the best-selling men's program, Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle. Raw fruits and vegetables, high-fiber/low-carb foods, a protein source with each meal, and drinking plenty of water are the name of the game.

Like I said above, any Isabel De Los Rios review from me will be supportive and positive. I'll tell you why...

Isabel De Los Rios Review - This lady gets it done!

isabel de los rios review diet solution plan

* One look, and you can see Isabel is a cute size. However, it wasn't always like this. All through junior high and high school she was 30 lbs. overweight...and constantly in fear of contracting Type 2 diabetes, like her mother and grandmother.

* An Isabel De Los Rios review would not be complete unless you knew that she has experienced the same feelings of discouragement and loneliness from being heavy and unpopular.

* The Diet Solution Plan came out of research she did in her Pre-Med studies at Rutgers University. It was her intent to help her mother lose weight, and get her off insulin and other medications.

* Isabel found she had a natural gift for interpreting complicated research data into everyday language so others could understand. She changed her major, and graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology, so she could begin helping others lose weight and become more healthy.

* The Diet Solution is a culmination of 15 years of research, and validating facts with physicians and medical/nutrition professionals.

* Diet Solution Plan reviews found on women's weight loss blogs, health and wellness forums, and even FaceBook pages applaud Isabel's program for its simplicity, honesty, and sensible approach.

Isabel makes no phony promises of "fast fat loss" or miracle "2-week body transformations". What she does promise is that you will lose weight safely and progressively, at 1-2 lbs, per week, if you follow her simple principles.

Making its debut in 2007, the Diet Solution has become a runaway best-seller for one simple reason: It works. You will lose weight and inches. You will see measurable results.

Close to 70,000 women have purchased Isabel's eating plan, and it is ordered by hundreds more each day.

Not only is it viewed as the premiere program for women's weight loss, but it is also acclaimed as a viable diet for Type 2 diabetes, and a solid fibromyalgia diet plan.

I hope this short Isabel De Los Rios review has helped with some clarity for you.

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