Spenco Orthotics

Spenco Orthotic inserts make running more fun

Spenco Orthotics, in my opinion, make the best running shoe inserts. I have used Spenco Orthotic inserts for years and they have been durable and sturdy, with outstanding cushioning.

The SPENCO® POLYSORB® Cross Trainer Insole has been a crucial running aid for me. It has allowed me to train hard, with interval training, and stay completely away from shock-related running injuries.

spenco orthotics help prevent injuries

* Cushioned heel strike zone.

* Cushioning in forefoot.

* Optimum shock absorption.

* Lightweight polyurethane base.

* Recommended by podiatrists.

* Durable cover.

* Long-lasting.

* Easily modified with scissors.

* Good for court sports.

* They provide a contoured heel cup and arch for even more comfort.

I am 6'2" - 185 lbs and these have held up fine for me. They come with a 1-year warranty, but mine have easily lasted two years. I run about 25-30 miles per week, but a lot of it is interval work. I assume the Spenco Orthotic inserts would be fine for guys who are heavier or put in more training miles.

I've been very happy with the comfort and the injury-prevention features of these running shoe inserts. I've tried others, many years ago, but it was like running bone-on-bone. Actually, I got the Spenco Orthotic inserts because I liked my Spenco gel biking gloves so much. It turned out that their running shoe inserts were the same high quality.

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