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The steps to losing belly fat can be simple and uncomplicated with the Eat Stop Eat program. To us, this is the best diet for women because it combines smart fat loss with safety and simplicity.

Obviously, you came to our site because you are searching for an effective fat loss strategy. If you are like many of us, you have started different diets in the past, had some decent results at first...but then you stalled...hit a plateau where weight loss stopped, and you ended up gaining back the fat you worked so hard to lose.

If you did this a couple of times, you were caught in Yo-Yo dieting where losses occur in the initial stages, but cannot be sustained, and the pounds come back on...and sometimes there is even an increase in the return gains.

It doesn't have to be this way any longer. If you have gone through this discouraging and disheartening scenario, you can change it to a more positive situation.

The steps to losing belly fat are simple and uncomplicated

eat stop eat gives you the best steps to losing belly fat Certified dietician, Brad Pilon, is the author of the increasingly popular Eat Stop Eat program for smart fat loss.

His strategy for losing belly fat centers on three factors: (1) You must establish a calorie deficit (burn more calories than you eat.) This is done through flexible intermittent fasting. (2) The second step involves moving more. The human body functions much better with daily activity that is continuous for 20-30 minutes. (3) Three, you must include regular weight training in your life to build lean muscle tissue that increases your metabolism.

There are NO expensive supplements to purchase, NO phony exercise gadgets to buy, NO dangerous pills to take, and NO harsh workouts to leave you mentally and physically exhausted.

However, you will be expected to make positive lifestyle changes in your food choices and the regularity of your exercise. You will need to understand how your body works to reduce belly fat and the situations that sabotage all of your good efforts. You do not have to count calories or measure portions, but you can no longer mindlessly eat food that is not good for you.

The best diet for women is the one that allows for the most success to burn belly fat because it is easy to follow and can be used to achieve permanent fat loss.

One of the critical steps to losing belly fat is the integration of intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting is one of the key steps to losing belly fat Intermittent fasting is the cornerstone of Eat Stop Eat. It is done in 24-hour segments for 1-2 days per week, but never on consecutive days. YOU decide the frequency. Most women chose their fasting strategy to run from dinner-to-dinner. You will eat everyday.

This is how it works: Let's say you want to start your fasting on Monday, at 6:00pm. You would eat a normal dinner (NOT a piggy one in anticipation of fasting), then not eat again until 6:00pm on Tuesday. At that time, you would eat a normal dinner (not stuff yourself to make up for the fasting.) You'd wake up Wednesday morning, eat a normal breakfast, lunch, and some quality (fruit loaded) snacks, and a normal dinner Wednesday evening before starting your fast again (if you so choose.)

During your fasting time, you will stay well-hydrated and engage in your normal physical activity and weight training.

Could the steps to losing belly fat be any easier?

Are there any drawbacks to the Eat Stop Eat steps to losing belly fat?

take safe steps to losing belly fat for smart fat loss We would like to tell you that the Eat Stop Eat steps to losing belly fat are suited for every woman, but that would be misleading.

* If you want to "lose a quick 15-20 pounds in one week" Brad's program is not for you. The reason why we think it is the best diet for women is because there is safe, progressive weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week, instead.

* If you do not like daily physical activity and regular exercise (that involves weight training) you will fail at this diet.

* If you have little self-discipline or feel entitled to big "cheat days" where you ingest huge amounts of your favorite pastries or junk food, you will fail at this diet.

* Intermittent fasting takes some getting used to. It may be several days or a week before you begin to feel comfortable with fasting for 24 hours. If you mess up, no big deal. The program is very forgiving.

We hope this has answered some of your questions about smart fat loss. We wish you much happiness as you work toward a life without fat.

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