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Superhero Workout reviews have exploded awareness about the fat-shredding benefits of John Romaniello's Final Phase 2.0 program.

Superhero workout reviews have catapulted John Romaniello's fat-shredding program into an underground best-seller. His Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 program blowtorches belly fat. It's gotten results for both actors and can do the same for you.

Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 is called "The Superhero Workout for two reasons: (1) It is utilized by many actors in New York City and Hollywood, and (2) it makes you lean and cut like a guy from another universe.

John admits, "Yes, it may sound kind of cheesy...but the guys who got huge results with Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 started calling it that...and it has increased the interest and popularity to the high status it enjoys today."

Up until now, John's program has been purchased by professional trainers and guys in the entertainment industry. I call it an "underground best-seller" because only savvy guys who make their living by the way they look have been driving sales.

However, Superhero Workout reviews in magazines, online article directories, and fitness forums have been responsible for the explosion of sales into the mainstream. Now, guys who are teachers, financial professionals, and even firefighters are placing orders by the hundreds each week.

Why the intense surge? That's an easy flat out works. Guys are NOT going to pay good money for fluff. And although $47 does not seem like much, nobody is going to waste it just to see what the fuss is all about.

In a nutshell, Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 focuses on why your fat loss has slowed down and how you can use workouts centered around Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) to re-engage.

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Superhero Workout Review - Who is John Romaniello?

John Romaniello is a well-known professional trainer and magazine writer who lives in New York City. His articles have appeared in Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Men's Fitness. He has also appeared on Good Morning America.

Living in NYC, John found that his clients demanded to see results quickly. Using himself as a guinea pig, he refined the marriage of strength-training with interval workouts to compress the intensity into Metabolic Resistance Training.

What is even more amazing is that John was 30+ lbs. overweight prior to getting his certification as a trainer. As you can see below, his Superhero Workout gets measurable results.

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Superhero Workout Review - What all is involved?

burn stubborn belly fat with the superhero workout by john romaniello

* Final Phase Fat Loss 2.0 is a 12-week program that can be rotated continuously.

* This is an intense program and is NOT for beginners who want to lose a few pounds. This is for guys looking to lose the final 5-10 stubborn pounds that keep you from looking tight as a buggy whip.

* John's Superhero Workout is dynamic, challenging, and comprehensive.

* It is divided into four distinct phases that periodize your workout.

* Phase I - 3 weeks of explosive power and strength routines. Phase II - Two weeks of speed/agility training to begin developing local muscle endurance. Phase III - Four weeks of working to increase muscular size. Phase IV - The final four weeks combine all of the above in 4-days a week combo workouts.

* You will discover exactly what foods sabotage your efforts to burn fat and increase your lean muscle mass...and get them out of your diet forever.

* John's program also comes with a DVD that demonstrates all of the exercises utilized and the variations that intensify your efforts.

If you are seeking a proven program for getting a ripped and chiseled look, please checkout John's course. You will quickly understand the acclaim he receives on fitness blogs and forums from Superhero Workout reviews.

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