Supermodel Diet Secrets

Learn The Best Diet For Women and Fat Loss Secrets

Supermodel diet secrets are not as profound or mysterious as you might think. Their fat loss secrets are actually sensible and safe. You too can follow the best diet for women, and make fat loss permanent.

It's not the intent of this article to tease you, so let's cut to the chase. The secret behind dieting by supermodels is their support system. It is extensive and comprehensive.

Their diet is tracked on computer by a personal physician in partnership with a personal registered dietician. They have a masseuse to help relieve stress, a therapist available if they start feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, and a personal trainer to motivate, encourage, and cheer for them in the gym. They have a private chef to prepare their meals and available friends to eat with.

There is a lot of hand-holding and constant validation of of their efforts. Actually, supermodel diet secrets are more emotional/psychological than nutritional.

So what about the rest of us who have jobs, children, and households to run...without the benefit of an entourage to cater to us? How can we lose belly fat or thigh fat, and reduce cellulite? Are there fat loss secrets available to us?

The best diet for women is the one that is most simple to follow and gets results

supermodel diet secrets eat stop eat The one thing to keep in mind is that supermodels follow a diet that is sensible, balanced, and safe. Intermittent fasting is a component of it. Sure, we've all heard stories about gals who developed eating disorders and those who had emotional bingeing issues, but they are not representative of the entire industry.

The trend the past 15 years has been to use models are who are more fit, defined, and dynamic-looking than in the Twiggy look-a-likes of he 70's and 80's. More athletic-looking women are now used in advertising. You can't look that way unless you are eating sensibly and building lean muscle tissue through intelligent cardio and regular weight training.

* The best diet for women is the one that allows them the most fat loss success by being the easiest to follow, and provides the most comfortable way to create an ongoing calorie deficit (more calories burned than eaten) over time.

* Supermodel diet secrets closely follow the same guidelines for sensible weight loss as those detailed by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

* The best diet for women is the one that focuses on (1) Safely achieving a calorie deficit that can be maintained for life (2) Daily continuous physical activity for 30-40 minutes (3) Regular workouts with weights to build lean muscle tissue and increase metabolism naturally (4) Understanding good food choices and also the ones that sabotage our fat loss goals, (5) The value of staying hydrated with water...not pop, coffee, or sugary fruit juices/sports drinks, (6) Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

So where do we find a program like this that is flexible, non-controlling, and can be adapted by everyday women who do not have herd of professionals holding them accountable?

The one program that integrates the best supermodel diet secrets for nutrition and exercise

eat stop eat - supermodel diet secrets To us, the best diet for women is Eat Stop Eat by registered dietician, Brad Pilon.

* He focuses on YOU becoming more aware of your food choices and adopting a lifestyle that is more positive in terms of awareness, nutrition and exercise.

* Intermittent fasting is the cornerstone of his program. However, it is never for more than 24 hours and you will eat everyday. You decide if you want to fast 1 or 2 days a week.

* You will be expected to move more each day and engage in regularly scheduled exercise that includes weight training to tone you, and speed up your metabolism naturally.

* You will be expected to drink more water and get more sleep.

* This is a progressive fat loss program that emphasizes a gradual loss of 1-2 pounds per week. It is NOT a "crash diet" and it is NOT a fad starvation diet.

As far as nutrition and exercise protocol, supermodel diet secrets are actually no different from Brad's program, Eat Stop Eat (minus the hand-holding nonsense, of course.)

If you are searching for the best fat loss diet that you can integrate into your life to get you the results in a sensible way, please check it out. We wish you the best in achieving a life without fat.

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