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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

The Tom Venuto ebook, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, is the best guide available for mens fat loss. The focus of Tom's book centers on building lean muscle mass to increase your metabolism, while committing to an intelligent nutritional program to burn belly fat more efficiently.

Men are starting to recognize two distinct truths: (1) putting on belly fat brings serious health risks. Heart disease, Type II diabetes, and some cancers are just a few that have been associated with an increasing waist line. (2) You do not have to be NASA physicist to know women are not attracted to men who look soft, flabby, and unathletic. They see guys who have let themselves go as having no self-discipline, low energy levels, and the inability to maintain "staying power."

Remember, the mirror doesn't lie. If you are becoming more aware of an increasing beer belly or expanding love handles hanging over your belt, Tom's program can help you lose belly fat and get more muscular.

The Tom Venuto eBook is the best on the market

the tom venuto ebook Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle has helped thousands of men change their bodies from soft and tight, corded and defined.

One look at Tom and you know he walk's the walk. His program is a comprehensive integration of becoming acutely aware of what you eat and how it affects building muscle...or creating fat, weight training workouts that are progressive and purposeful, cardio that centers on interval training, increasing the amount of water you drink, and getting more sleep.

When you commit to Tom's fat burning program, you'll find yourself training almost parallel to an Olympic athlete or an NFL player in the off-season.

There are NO fruity shakes to drink, NOR expensive supplements to purchase.

You will be expected to choose food intelligently and workout with a goal in mind each time you walk in the gym. Your cardio will be structured like a professional athlete's. Putting in mile after mindless mile before sunrise is ridiculous.

The Tom Venuto eBook gives you the tools you need to personalize your meals, your weight training, and your cardio. There are solid guidelines, but there are built-in checks for when you need to make an adjustment to keep from hitting a plateau.

Building lean muscle mass while getting rid of belly fat is not some phony overnight event. You will progressively become stronger, and your focus on changing your lifestyle more centered, if you are going to succeed.

Tom's program will increase your health and help you build a body that women find more desirable.

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For guys who have been working out over a year, this Soviet program will provide new challenges




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