Walking Off The Pounds For Fat Loss

walking off the pounds is a viable plan to burn belly fat

You can walk off belly fat and make fat loss permanent

Walking off the pounds is a viable workout plan. Walking and fat loss go hand-in-hand. You can walk off belly fat with a regular and consistent program that includes diet and weight training.

Before we go any farther, let me interject a little bit of reality: You CANNOT walk-off enough calories each day to demonstrate significant fat loss results.

Please burn that statement into your brain.

In order to lose belly fat, lose thigh fat, reduce cellulite, and get more toned...you must combine your walking with optimal nutrition.

The #1 factor in eliminating belly fat is: Establishing a calorie-deficit by making good food choices.

Your diet will be the key to the success of your fat loss plan. You CANNOT eat anything you want just because you are on an walking workout program.

A quality diet enhances walking off the pounds

you must combine diet with walking off the pounds You can only lose belly fat by establishing a weekly calorie deficit...meaning you must expend more calories than you take in.

Although a solid walking workout program will accelerate fat loss, it simply CANNOT stand on its own. The more you educate yourself about how calories affect your body, the faster you will progress.

* Start getting rid of sugar foods, junk food burgers/fries, pop, and processed food from your diet.

* Replace those poor food choices with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, ice water, and solid protein sources like turkey, fish, and chicken breasts.

* Become the expert on YOUR body. Know what foods help build lean muscle tissue (to naturally increase metabolism) and which foods are too easily stored as fat on your midsection and hips.

* Start integrating the 2-20 Walking Program. It is simple. When you wake up each morning, drink TWO glasses of ice water, do some easy stretching, then go for a 20-minute walk. What could be easier? This is a great beginner's workout plan.

* To walk off belly fat, your workouts must be purposeful and progress in intensity (walking faster intervals) as you become stronger and improve your endurance.

Walking off the pounds means you must be regular and consistent. It takes commitment to yourself to GET AWAY from the TV, GET AWAY from your computer, and GET AWAY from your cell phone.

Although you can walk on a treadmill or a StairMaster, it is usually better for you mentally to get outside in a natural setting.

Integrating weight training will help speed your fat loss results

weight training helps enhance walking off the pounds

Adding regular weight training sessions will help you increase your lean muscle tissue, increase your definition, and make you stronger so you can start adding intervals (fast walking bursts followed by slower active rest walking) to your workout plan.

You will begin showing remarkable results walking off the pounds when you are strong enough to integrate interval training.

* You can begin with simple dumbbell movements that work the large muscles of your chest and back. You can also utilize dumbbells to do squats and integrate the large muscles of your legs and hips.

* Activity in large muscle groups naturally increase your metabolism. It is usually more comfortable to walk AFTER your weight training routine.

* Women lifting weights has become fully accepted in the past 15 years. Weight training helps you look more fit, more toned, and more athletic...without looking bulky.

* One of the best programs for burning belly fat is The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

* Although it sounds like a workout plan specifically focusing on female abs, it actually centers on teaching you about making good food choices and utilizing strength building exercises to eliminate belly fat.

Like I said above, walking off the pounds is a viable form of activity to reduce thigh fat, belly fat, and cellulite...but it must be combined with good food choices and strength training with weights to burn the needed calories.

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