What Is The Best Morning Workout For Women?

what is the best morning workout for women who want to lose belly fat

Fit in 15 may be the best morning workout for women on the go

What is the best morning workout for women? To me, the best morning workout for women is "Fit In 15" a program that balances cardio, strength, and flexibility with varied routines that are easy to start and follow.

Fit in 15: 15-Minute Morning Workouts For Women is an inexpensive book (about $15) that you can easily purchase online from Amazon.com.

It is especially geared for busy women who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, but have far too many responsibilities to go to a gym every morning. Fit In 15 is a great foundation for beginners.

Authored by Steven Stiefel, it is a low-key, no-hype book of about 140+ pages that provides you with 55 different workouts to choose from for your weekly workouts. The workouts are detailed, and it is extremely flexible in giving you alternatives.

As you can imagine, after several months of becoming more familiar with the set-up of the routines...and gaining greater fitness, you will find yourself customizing the workouts to meet your needs.

What Makes Fit In 15 Different?

Steven's program does NOT promise you miracle weight loss, or a dynamite body in just 10 days. This is NOT about hype like you see in so many online programs.

His philosophy is a gentle combination of exercise and creating a relationship with yourself and your health.

His program is broken down in this weekly fashion:

Monday - Cardio

Tuesday - Strength Training - Upper Body/Core

Wednesday - Flexibility

Thursday - Strength Training - Lower Body/Core

Friday - Cardio

Saturday - Target an area of your choice

Sunday - Mind/Body connection

It is 7 days/7 workouts...and they can be completed in less time than it takes to stand in line for a coffee at Starbucks. (Way better for you too!)

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Fit In 15 program

What Is The Best Morning Workout For Women?

what is the best morning workout for women to stay fit Truthfully, the best morning workout for women is one that is both sensible and effective. You should not have to purchase extensive (or real expensive) equipment to use at home.

Your morning workouts should be hard enough that they make you sweat a little, get out of breath, and get a little red in the face...but NOT exhaust you for the rest of the day.

With Fit In 15, you can get by with some dumbbells, an exercise ball, and a good yoga mat.

Of course, as you get more fit and extend your workouts to 20-30 minutes, you may wish to add a jump rope or even push-up bars.

Please keep in mind that exercise, alone, will NOT make you lose belly fat and thigh fat. Weight loss always starts first in the kitchen, and my recommendation for women who want to make substantial changes in their lifelong eating habits, (as opposed to just "going on a diet") is to follow the Flat Belly Solution.

I wish you good luck in your personal health goals. Getting started in the morning with an effective fitness routine will help you look better and feel better.

I hope this short article has helped answer, "What is the best morning workout for women?"

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