The Best Abdominals Workout - The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The best abdominals workout, in my opinion, comes from Mike Geary. His Truth About Abs program is proven to burn belly fat and build lean muscle to help you get ripped abs.

abdominals workout with a proven program to help you get ripped abs

Once guys get past about 25-26 years of age, they start seeing a layer of fat beginning to cover their abs.

It is easy to understand: testosterone production is reduced, they are starting their careers and have gotten away from the hard conditioning of high school (or college) sports, and their eating is not as conscious as it should be.

Mike proven program, however, can squash the advancement of male belly fat and get you the Lean Hollywood Look that chicks admire in a man.

a proven abdominals workout to get ripped abs for you

* Let's be real: Just doing ab work will NOT get you ripped. You need to recreate your diet so that you are eating like an athlete. Mike's proven program will tell you how to do it.

* You will learn exactly what foods help build lean muscle mass...and what foods sabotage you by storing huge amounts of fat.

* This program comes with a 120-page eBook that is actually an aggressive blueprint for combining non-traditional (no crunches) ab exercises, with strength building workouts, interval training, and eating like an athlete.

* Mike is good to let you know that an abdominals workout, by itself, simply CANNOT produce enough of a metabolic effect to burn belly fat.

* There are 20 dynamic abdominal exercises in the course that will make your abs rock hard.

* The course is progressive: There are eight levels of ab workouts and eight levels of full-body strength training.

* Getting your abs back requires both mental and physical intensity. Learning to eat consciously will probably be tougher than the 45-60 minute workouts.

If you are serious about an abdominals workout program to get you a more defined, athletic build, Mike's is definitely the one most battle-tested.

What do women find attractive in a man...physically?

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