The Best Diet For Men

the best diet for men helps burn belly fat and increases lean muscle mass

Lose male belly fat and love handles - Put on lean muscle

The best diet for men is one that helps you burn belly fat and gain lean muscle. Male belly fat is a turn-off for women. Get rid of love handles and ab fat with a proven program.

If you've come to our site, you are looking to make a positive change in your life. You know that male belly fat is both a social hindrance and serious health issue.

Not only do women find overweight males unattractive and unsexy, but excess belly fat is directly related to Type II diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, and erectile dysfunction.

None of us needs any of this. You can get rid of belly fat, lose love handles, and gain lean muscle with a proven program that focuses on good food choices, strength training, and intelligent cardio.

The best diet for men centers on natural food...not supplements

the best diet for men centers on natural foods, not supplements

You can start losing belly fat and supplying nutrients to build lean muscle by eating a diet rich in natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources.

For some reason, when guys decide to make a change to get rid of flab and gain muscle, they fall prey to the hype of purchasing huge amounts of "special supplements." Most of them are basically worthless...except to the people taking your money.

* Start by cutting sugared foods and processed foods out of your diet. Get rid of pop. Don't even think about your normal portions of pizza, wings, and beer.

* Commit to learning all you can about what foods build muscle and what foods promote fat storage. Portion control is at a premium. Know how calories work.

* Commit to learning what foods and situations sabotage your fat loss plans. Find strategies to overcome, and get past, these detrimental elements.

* Get your protein from solid food sources, NOT protein shakes. Yes, there are benefits of protein shakes, but your protein needs to come from fish, turkey, chicken breasts, and some soy products.

* You must commit to gradually drinking more water. Start with a glass of ice water each morning, then start adding a glass with each meal. Slowly work up to drinking a gallon each day. It will take you several weeks.

* Commit to regular and consistent weight training that center on multi-joint, full-body workouts. Use the fundamental lifts for building strength and lean muscle mass.

* Commit to some form of activity/cardio each day. Get away from the TV, get away from the computer, leave your cell phone at home. When you are stronger, start interval training.

The best diet for men is a comprehensive program

the best diet for men is a comprehensive program that has gotten proven results The Truth About Six Pack Abs, by Mike Geary, has helped 1000's of guys like us lose male belly fat and gain muscularity.

* His program is a comprehensive integration of making good food choices, strength training to build lean muscle, and interval workouts.

* There are NO worthless supplements to purchase. NO idiotic exercise gadgets to buy like you see on cable TV. NO commando-style workouts or mindless jogging before sunrise.

* The best diet for men involves a three-prong attack on male belly fat: optimal nutrition, strength training, and intelligent cardio. Mike's program gives you that.

* Mike's eBook can be immediately downloaded to your desktop. It comes with a 60-day 100% guarantee.

The mirror doesn't lie. If you have been discouraged about how you look. If you want to get rid of love handles and burn belly fat to look more desirable to women, Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs can help you reach those goals.

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