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Fat Loss Workout Routines - Reaching Fat Loss Goals

Looking for the best exercise for fat loss? Do you need to lose belly fat and are searching for the best fat loss workout routines? Here's what you need to know...

Let's cut to the chase. Despite what you hear on late night cable TV about how to lose belly fat, there is NO ONE SINGLE exercise that will provide you legitimate results.

If you want to burn belly fat, get rid of love handles, or lose 30 lbs. of excess fat, you must use a comprehensive approach to reach your fat loss goals.

You must blend elements of: motivation, understanding how your body works, knowing what behaviors sabotage your efforts, utilizing regular strength training workouts, and integrating interval training workouts into your cardio sessions.

The idea of one best exercise for fat loss is a marketing myth used to take money from individuals so discouraged by their lack of results, that they will reach for a magic solution.

The best exercise for fat loss is actually done with your brain and your commitment to yourself

best exercise for fat loss

I say this because, in order for you to be successful in your fat loss plans, you must commit to a proven program that adheres to safe and sensible methods to make your fat loss permanent.

* First, your program should be compliant with the criteria for safe weight loss as detailed by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

* Your program should be easy to initiate and maintain. There is no need for a complicated or restrictive diet/harsh workout program.

* You must understand that the best way to lose belly fat is through progressive weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.

* You must commit to learning how to make good food choices in all situations and understand how emotions can sabotage you.

* You must commit to working out "like an athlete"...meaning you will integrate consistent and regular weight training workouts with interval training.

* You must learn that sugar and processed foods are your worst enemies, and how they influence the blood sugar/insulin roller coaster.

* You must learn that the main key to belly fat reduction is a calorie deficit. (Burning more calories than you take in.) And that you CANNOT eat as much of the "good foods" as you want.

If you need to lose belly fat, your top exercise for fat loss is researching a sensible, proven plan and committing to it for one year.

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