Best Running Shoe

ASICS Gel 1140 is comfortable and long-lasting

To me, the best running shoe is the ASICS Gel 1140. For comfort and stability it is continually ranked as the best ASICS running shoe under $100. I wear the ASICS 1140 for interval training and it has held up great.

The ASICS Men's GEL-1140 Running Shoe is sturdy and can take a pounding.

best running shoe is the asics gel 1140 running shoe

* Synthetic/mesh. Rubber sole.

* Very comfortable.

* Gel Cushioning System.

* Absorbs shock.

* Good traction.

* Open mesh = breathability.

* Lacing is comfortable.

* Good-looking running shoe.

* Great all-around shoe.

* One note: The ASICS Gel 1140 is heavier than a lot of other shoes...but I think this aids in the comfort. I am 6'2" - 185 lbs, but I've seen guys weighing 200+ in these, also.

I run on asphalt, the Florida beach, concrete bridges, and all-weather tracks and mine have NOT had a bit of chipping on the sole, or ripping in the mesh. Maybe I've been fortunate, however, I have always used this brand and the ASICS Gel 1140 has been the best running shoe for me.

I wear an 11 in a regular shoe, but have always purchased an 11-1/2 ASICS running shoe. They fit me fine. I do not slide around and my toes have never gotten banged against the toe-box.

These outstanding running shoes list for close to $89, but I have found them on sale for $69, at times. I saw no reason to spend $150 on ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe when the Gel 1140 did such a great job for me.

Since I run a lot of intervals, I also use SPENCO Orthotics running shoe inserts. They make for even LESS pressure on my feet and have kept me away from shock-related injuries. They also seem to fit better than others I have used and have NOT caused me any blisters.

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