Biggest Diet Mistakes

Dieting Mistakes That Sabotage Your Fat Loss Goals

The biggest diet mistakes that derail your best efforts to lose weight and burn belly fat are avoidable. Common diet mistakes normally center on carelessness and a lack of commitment.

I am not saying this out of meanness or with a cavalier attitude.

Dieting mistakes occur when the glow of "starting a new fat loss plan" wears off and the reality of staying true to your program sets in.

Losing belly fat and thigh fat must be progressive and sensible.

There are plenty of "quick fat loss" plans available on the Internet and cable TV, but they are just marketing ploys to rob you of your money...and eventually, your will power.

Your best defense against diet mistakes is a TOTAL commitment on your part to:

* Understanding how food affects your body
* Focus on basic fat loss fundamentals
* Know fat loss is progressive
* Understand fat loss is not a product of expensive supplements or the newest fad diet
* Create a lifestyle of positive nutrition and physical activity

The biggest diet mistakes are avoidable

biggest diet mistakes

Mistake #1 Not understanding the emotions, behaviors, and situations that sabotage your fat loss plans. YOU are the expert on YOU. It is your job to learn the mental shielding necessary to protect you from negative influences.

Mistake #2 Skipping breakfast. This meal sets your body for the rest of the day. Skipping it can lead to continual snacking. However, you must choose wisely in the morning. Stay away from bagels and simple carb cereals. Always include a protein source and fiber.

Mistake #3 Failing to understand that calories are the key to fat loss or fat gain. Diet mistakes occur when people think they can eat all they want of foods labeled "low fat." They forget all about the high calories.

Mistake #4 Drinking too little water. The benefits of drinking water cannot be overstated. Water is critical for burning calories. When you get the least bit dehydrated, your metabolism slows down.

Mistake #5 One of the biggest diet mistakes is relying on expensive (worthless) supplements, meal replacement bars, and protein shakes instead of solid food sources. These products DO NOT satiate your appetite and it becomes too easy to pile up calories by looking for snacks.

Mistake #6 Convincing yourself you are "too tired" for physical activity. The reason most people are too tired is because they DO NOT get enough activity and they sleep poorly. You can walk off belly fat with a committed effort.

Mistake #7 Too much TV. It is well-documented that people who watch TV have a higher percentage of body fat than those that don't. TV creates the perfect storm for mindless eating. People who count calories in regular meals can easily lose track of their snacking. Replacing TV with 30 minutes of continuous physical activity (such as purposeful walking) is far better. Even reading a book will cut down on mindless eating.

Mistake #8 Getting involved in a diet plan that is too complicated, too restrictive, or too controlling. You will burn belly fat and lose thigh fat on an easy healthy diet plan that is simple to initiate and maintain.

The biggest diet mistakes that sabotage your best efforts can be avoided when you totally commit to a more positive LIFELONG lifestyle. In the beginning you must be vigilant...and patient with yourself. There will be slips and false starts, but you can do it.

We wish you the best in your journey to a life without fat.

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