Can Men Lose Belly Fat After 40 Years Old?

Can men lose belly fat after 40 years old?

Can Men Lose Belly Fat After 40 Years Old? Yes they can, but it will take more time and committed effort than when you were in your 20's. The key is in your eating habits.

If you came here looking for some magical formula to burn belly fat quickly, and get the body of a decathlete in 6-8 weeks, this is not the site you want.

We deal strictly in straight talk, here, and the majority of guys simply do not want to hear it. Why? Because it means they will have to make drastic changes in both their diet, and their workout.

This is the main reason I recommend The Dark Side Of Fat Loss, by kinesiologist, Sean Croxton, as the best nutrition plan to follow.

You will eat like an athlete, and you will see results.

Getting rid of belly fat after age 40 pretty much requires a significant change in lifestyle.

In a nutshell, you must get sugar foods and processed foods completely out of your diet...and you must engage in much more intense exercise.

Plus, you need to take a long-term view of achieving this goal. I'm talking about six months of focused eating, and consistent workouts. Most guys simply cannot wrap their head around this idea.

They seem to think there is a "magic workout" or some piece of secret equipment that will get them to drop 4" of belly fat in a few short weeks...and there simply isn't anything like this.

Sadly, it is much easier to read about getting rid of a flabby body, than putting the methodology into action.

I have several friends who can intelligently discuss Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint/21 Day Transformation program...yet, they cannot discipline themselves to follow a healthy, Paleo diet, and they have all kinds of excuses about why they cannot run hard or do any kind of "burst training."

Can Men Lose Belly Fat After 40 Years Old?

By far, the hardest element of losing belly fat is committing to a healthy without sugar foods, grains, or processed foods.

This is where guy balk.

For some reason, they feel they are entitled to eat a bucket of greasy Buffalo wings with their buddies, or jam down a whole 12" Subway sandwich (hey, Jared lost all that fat, right?), or make a thick peanut butter sandwich when they are too lazy to make a salad.

When they go out to eat, they figure they are entitled to a "cheat meal" of pasta or worse yet, some kind of monster burger with fries or onion rings...and blow-off ordering a salad with grilled chicken.

It is not going to work. Either you commit to getting rid of flab by eating healthy, or you stop wishing you looked different.

Pretty simple, huh?

The majority of guys over 40 (unless they are some fortunate, genetic freak) have lost the hormonal capacity for their metabolism to burn through everything they ingest.

If you are truly intent of getting rid of male belly fat, you have to reset your metabolism by eating more nutritiously, and eating far less destructively...and you have to do it day after day.

Workouts Cannot Overcome Poor Eating

Almost all guys who wonder "Can men lose belly fat after 40 years old?" think they can simply run it off, or exercise it off...and to a certain extent, they can, at first.

However, after an initial loss of 6-12 lbs., the body makes adjustments and everything comes to a halt. Plus, motivation to consistently put in a good workout wanes after about three weeks.

Workouts are critically important because men need to increase their lean muscle mass as well as burn off flab, but those workouts have got to be done in a way that most guys have no desire to undertake.

The easiest way to get the quality of workouts you need is to join a CrossFit gym. You will sweat a great deal, you will be out of breath a lot, you will be real red in the face...and you'll get strong and lean.

CrossFit gyms focus on exercises guys do not like to do: Squats, deadlifts, clean and jerk, pull-ups, dips, kettlebell swings, burpees, and...running fast. Most workouts last between 7 - 20 minutes, and you will know you've done some work!

However, these places cost about $100+ bucks a month, and you are expected to work hard once you show up. Everybody does the same workout and your time/weight lifted is posted daily on a large board at the gym.

I love my Crossfit gym, but this is scary to a lot of guys.

To me, the next best thing would be to get either P90X, and follow it to the letter...or get the much cheaper (and excellent) Turbulence Training, and start using it at home.

Trust me, you are NOT going to get the type of workout you need to lose belly fat after age 40 by going to Gold's Gym or L.A. Fitness and doing sets of 3x10 on their basic exercises.

Can Men Lose Belly Fat After 40 Years Old?

If you are 40, or over, and you are tired of looking soft and out of shape, you can definitely get rid of belly fat and love handles.

Yes, it will take a lot of well as time, but the payoff is worth it.

To reach your goal, you will need to:

* Get sugar foods (cereals, desserts, doughnuts, ice cream, etc.) completely OUT of your present diet.

* Stop eating grains, including oatmeal, pasta, and breads (even the so-called "healthy whole wheat" kind.)

* Get processed foods (anything in a box, can, or plastic wrap) OUT of your diet.

* Stay away from fast foods and pizza places.

* Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat.

* Workout with a combination of weight training and interval training. Burst training, lasting 12-20 minutes will give you huge results.

The key component to losing fat is to restrict your carb intake (since all they do is aid in the storage of fat) and replace them with solid protein foods and healthy fats (that build lean muscle.)

Getting your diet cleaned-up is 95% of the battle. You will be surprised at how much fat you can lose in 12-15 weeks by following a Paleo-style diet, with just moderate exercise.

I realize what I have described is not for everyone, but I hope it has given you some ideas for the question, "Can men lose belly fat after 40 years old?"

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