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the diet solution provides optimal chronic pain nutrition

The Diet Solution provides optimal chronic pain nutrition

Chronic pain nutrition is enhanced by the best-selling Diet Solution Program. This proven eating plan gets results for individuals seeking an optimal chronic pain diet.

Created by certified nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios, it focuses on getting sugar foods and starchy processed foods completely OUT of your present diet.

A report on Chronic Pain by Reuters on June 29, 2011 sent shock waves through health care professionals when it announced that 4 out 10 Americans suffer from chronic pain. It is a huge problem in terms of the emotional, physical, and economic toll it takes on individuals.

Chronic pain disables more people than either heart disease or cancer. In terms of medical treatment, decreased productivity, lost working days, and workers compensation...chronic pain now costs society over $630 Billion dollars per year.

Your nutrition plays a vital and primary role in the management of chronic pain. What you eat establishes the necessary chemistry for response to inflammation.

Inflammation is created by your immune system in response to system insult or tissue damage. Although inflammation is not the sole source of pain, it can make pain last longer and feel more intense.

What you eat affects the amount of inflammation in your body. Processed foods containing high concentrations of chemicals, artificial colorings, and preservatives can cause painful inflammatory responses.

Eating foods (sugar foods and starchy processed foods) that lack substantial nutrients accelerate your predisposition to pain chemistry.

Fat cells are particularly vulnerable to inflammation. Individuals who are overweight feel significant back pain, hip pain, and knee pain due to carrying excess weight.

The chemical combinations that create pain are amplified by sugar foods and starchy processed foods...the two main saboteurs The Diet Solution seeks to totally eliminate from your diet.

The main focus of chronic pain nutrition is to control inflammation (and therefore pain) is by avoiding carbohydrates you don’t really need. An increase in healthy, solid protein sources is key in this re-balancing of nutrients.

Inflammation and diet go hand in hand.

the diet solution is the best program for chronic pain nutrition

Chronic Pain Nutrition - The Diet Solution

the diet solution enhances chronic pain nutrition

* Chronic pain management is much easier when you follow an anti-inflammation diet. The Diet Solution is a nutrition program based on eating natural foods provided by Mother Nature.

* Isabel's program encourages ample vegetable intake for essential nutrients. Her anti-inflammatory diet is simple, sensible, and helps you reduce belly fat progressively.

* 90% of overweight people who lose weight...regain it. Isabel's weight loss program is intent on helping you discover how to lose fat and keep it off forever.

* Many overweight people who are the victims of chronic pain feel trapped and helpless. The Diet Solution Plan empowers your commitment to beating this adversary by providing measurable results that you can see in the mirror and on the scales.

* An anti-inflammation diet that helps reduce pain will also help you avoid conditions like Adult Onset (Type 2) Diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and heart disease.

* Chronic pain and nutrition require changes in your lifelong eating habits to manage inflammation. The Diet Solution Plan provides a concrete blueprint for making lasting changes in the way you approach food.

In the Preface of her book, Isabel states, "People don’t need another diet book; they need to change their lifestyles. They don’t need to be told how and why to go on a diet; they need to learn how to change their eating habits and their thinking for life."

Chronic pain nutrition is crucial strategy to help you feel better, and the Diet Solution Plan enhances both your metabolism and healing response.

chronic pain nutrition is a critical strategy to feel better

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