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the diet solution program is a viable chronic pain diet

The Diet Solution Program functions as a chronic pain diet by using natural foods to reduce inflammation

The Diet Solution Program is a proven chronic pain diet focusing on natural foods that are anti-inflammatory. It gets results for women.

Created by certified nutritionist and Rutgers graduate, Isabel De Los Rios, the Diet Solution was originally developed to help her mother and grandmother deal with the debilitating effects of Type II diabetes.

Although it took 15 years of research and validation, Isabel's program was able to help her mother lose weight and cease taking insulin injections.

Introduced to mainstream customers in 2007, it has exploded as a best-seller with hundreds of women placing orders each week.

Chronic pain and fibromyalgia are experienced by 4% of the population. Not surprisingly, the majority of these victims are women. It is imperative that they establish a chronic pain nutrition plan to address inflammation directly.

A quality anti-inflammatory diet consists of food selection from natural sources and includes solid protein from sources such as wild fish, turkey, or chicken breasts. This follows, exactly, the foundation of the Diet Solution Program.

Sugar foods, and starchy processed foods bloated with chemicals, are directly associated with inflammation that intensifies pain. Isabel is adamant about getting them completely out of your current diet.

On page 15 of her Diet Solution book, she writes, "Maybe the most important step toward weight loss and overall health is to identify which foods to eat. To save yourself a lot of time, just follow this guideline: If it’s natural — that is, it grows or otherwise occurs in nature — eat it; if it’s artificial, don’t. In other words, if a food contains ingredients that you can’t pronounce or define, steer clear."

Her focus on natural foods...those produced by Mother Nature...and avoidance of foods created with refined sugar, or that are processed in any way, have given Isabel a strong loyal following.

Is it any wonder women have acclaimed it as a viable blueprint for a successful chronic pain diet?

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A Sensible Chronic Pain Diet - The Diet Solution Plan

the diet solution is a natural chronic pain diet

* An anti-inflammatory diet, centered on the elimination of sugar foods and processed foods, help boost your immune system.

* Nutrient-rich natural foods, like those found in Isabel's Diet Solution are imperative for the repair of damaged cells, and the creation of vital new ones.

* Chronic pain management starts with food for pain. Following an intelligent eating plan that avoids inflaming the body not only promotes better health, it aids in the prevention of associated disease.

* The Diet Solution seeks to have you include a protein source and "good" dietary fat with each meal to slow down the release of sugar from other foods.

* Isabel's simple and sensible nutrition plan is loaded with raw fruits and vegetables that are rich in both fiber and antioxidants. These two elements both seem to reduce, and prevent inflammation. The less inflammation, the less pain you will experience.

* The Diet Solution also promotes staying hydrated. The benefits of drinking water include cleansing the system, as well as helping to fight off infection that accelerates inflammation.

If you are in pain, and actively seeking a chronic pain diet that is natural, safe, and proactive, Isabel De Los Rios' Diet Solution Plan is a best-seller with proven results.

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