Diet For Diabetes Type 2

the diet solution is a diet for diabetes type 2

The Diet Solution is a diet for diabetes Type 2 that gets results!

The optimal diet for diabetes Type 2 is the Diet Solution, created by nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios. It gets results for Type 2 diabetics.

Sadly, becoming overweight makes many adults susceptible to contracting Type II diabetes. Conversely, though, weight loss for Type 2 diabetics is a critical and important strategy for increasing the quality of Life and reducing insulin dosage.

Weight loss in overweight Type 2 diabetics corresponds directly with decreased insulin resistance, improved measures of glycemic control, reduced blood pressure, and reduced lipemia. The problem, though, is finding a diet that Type II diabetics like and will stick with.

This does NOT seem to be a problem with The Diet Solution. Mainstream sales have gone ballistic since 2007, yet it was developed by Isabel in an effort to help her mother and grandmother overcome the debilitating issues of living with Type 2 diabetes.

Isabel first began research on the Diet Solution Plan as a Pre-Med undergraduate at Rutgers University. Although it took her 15 years to complete, her weight loss program is now a best-seller that is followed by women all over the world.

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Diet For Diabetes Type 2 - Why the Diet Solution Plan?

Weight loss management for diabetics requires a combination of nutrition and exercise. However, of the two, a diabetic eating plan is easily the most imperative. NO amount of exercise can correct a poor diet. Type 2 diabetes and weight are inseparable.

diet for diabetes type 2 the diet solution plan

* The Diet Solution Plan appeals to physicians and diabetes educators because it is low-carb, high-fiber, nutrient-dense and advocates getting sugar foods and starchy processed foods completely OUT of your present diet.

* Isabel's weight loss program centers on you eating with more awareness, making good food choices from all-natural foods, and eating a solid protein source at each meal.

* The Diet Solution Plan shoots for safe and sensible weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week.

* There are NO extremes in Isabel's program. The Diet Solution Plan is NOT micro low-calorie. Upsetting your metabolism is the last thing needed in a diet for diabetes Type 2.

* The high soluble fiber content of natural vegetables and fruits in the Diet Solution Plan keeps your body regulated and glucose levels stable.

* By following the Diet Solution Plan, Isabel's mother is now able to effectively control her blood sugar WITHOUT the need for medication.

* The Diet Solution Plan is not a rigid "diabetic diet plan" that is controlling and restrictive. Instead, it is viewed as a change in lifestyle that includes a variety of natural food options to reduce your risk of complications associated with Type II diabetes.

In fact, on page 7 of her Diet Solution Book, Isabel says, "People don’t need another diet book; they need to change their lifestyles. They don’t need to be told how and why to go on a diet; they need to learn how to change their eating habits and their thinking for life."

Close to 80,000 people have now purchased the Diet Solution. Each week, hundreds more place orders. It has become a best-seller because of its simplicity and its effectiveness.

It may be the diet for diabetes Type 2 that you have been searching for.

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