Eating To Build Muscle Mass

Eating to Build Muscle and Eliminate Belly Fat

Eating to build muscle mass does NOT mean downing thick shakes and force feeding yourself. Muscle mass workouts require intelligent food choices and a commitment to burn belly fat. A solid mens workout program does not confuse building lean muscle with putting on slabs of soft flab and love handles.

The old myth about professional bodybuilders bulking up with calorie-gorged milkshakes and eating an extra 500 calories per meal (in a 6 meal day) is not realistic to those of us wanting to increase muscle size and gain muscle density.

Why? Two, they may drink one of those shakes a day, but they also have a personal physician tracking their steroid dosage with a computer, so it doesn't really matter what they eat (or how they workout.) And two, most of them are genetically gifted with a ancestral muscle mass and other-world metabolism.

It may not be fair, but that's the reality. Before you embark on some idiotically concocted "eating to build muscle mass program" by purchasing expensive (but worthless) supplements or gorging yourself on protein shakes, let's think things through.

Yes, there are benefits of protein shakes, but adding a couple inches of flab on your waist and butt isn't one of them.

You can build lean muscle mass sensibly, but it will take some time

eating to build muscle mass

I'm not trying to discourage you, far from it. I just do not want to see you spend huge sums on phony supplements or eat your way to a 3" increase in your waistline in the next two months. Both are easy to do.

First of all, ask yourself...what is the payoff for making yourself freaky bulky? Will it make you tougher? No, not if you don't have any backbone to begin with. Will you really spend the following two months running 400 meter intervals a few times a week to "cut fat"? I doubt it. Do you think getting freaky huge will impress women? Well, if surveys and female talk show participants are truthful...NO, it will actually be a turn-off to them.

You can, however, build a muscular well-defined body that is appealing to women by making good food choices and using a proven program to burn belly fat as you incorporate muscle mass workouts and structured cardio into your weight training.

Eating to build muscle mass is intelligent eating, not gorging. A well-defined body at 175 lbs will look like you weigh over 200 ibs.

The best program we have ever found for building lean muscle while burning belly fat is Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle.

If you want to gain strength progressively, increase your lean mass, and build a body to excite women, this is the way to go.

Tom Venuto has a proven program of eating to build muscle mass

tom venuto's program is excellent for eating to build muscle mass You can look at Tom Venuto and easily see his Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program is not fluff. He's a natural bodybuilder who centers his protocol for burning belly fat around lean mass building workouts, being aware of what you put in your mouth so you build muscle instead of flab, and using structured cardio to build strength and increase definition.

You will find yourself training pretty much like a candidate for the Olympic team or an NFL player in the off-season. And if the prospect of structured cardio/interval training makes you think that will hinder your mass building, then ask yourself "Which athletes have the most muscle density?"

Guess is Olympic sprinters and NFL skill players like running backs, safeties, wide receivers and linebackers. Interval training is the backbone of their cardio programs to maintain muscle mass. Training like an athlete will give you outstanding results...but it will be tough.

Eating to build muscle mass needs to be viewed realistically. Unless you decide to sabotage your organs...and integrity...through pharmacological injections, Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is the best mens workout program to gain lean muscle, burn belly fat, and build a body women desire.

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