Fat Burning Exercises Must Be Intense

Fat burning exercises come in all forms. However, the backbone for quality fat burning workouts is a reliance on both interval training and strength training to increase your metabolism.

More and more guys are intent on getting the "Lean Hollywood Look" that so readily appeals to women.

Proven courses like Turbulence Training and the mega-popular P90X Workout Program deliver significant results because they combine strength training and interval training protocols so well. (For women, Holly Rigsby's Fit Yummy Mummy program is, hands-down, the best on the market for this combination.)

Some insights on fat burning exercises

fat burning execises

* Weld this into your brain: Fat burning begins in the kitchen, not the gym. You must eat consciously if you want to decrease your belly fat and become more defined.

* No amount of running or exercise can burn off the fat calories continually being generated by mindless eating. Know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth...and how it will affect your body.

* Strength building workouts put on lean muscle tissue. There is no place for "fluff" lifts in your program.

* Interval training workouts are a must if you are to burn belly fat and gain lean muscle.

* Going into your workouts with a purpose is tough mentally. Intense workouts mean you will be sweaty, you will be out of breath, and you will be pretty red in the face for most of the session. However, this is how athletes train...and look how their bodies look.

* Count on your fat burning program of exercise to take awhile to see results. It will NOT happen in 6-10 weeks. When you work this hard, you unrealistically expect immediate results, but your body physiology is NOT governed by your expectations. It took time for fat to accumulate...and it will take time and focused effort to get rid of it.

There are NO magic fat burning exercises to reach your goals. Results will come from regular and consistent strength building workouts that are combined with interval training and optimal nutrition.

Going with proven workout courses will get you the fastest results.

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