Fat Burning Workouts For Men

fat burning workouts for men

Tom Venuto's fat burning workouts for men get results. Now you can burn male belly fat and gain lean muscle.

Fat burning workouts for men must combine nutrition, weights, and interval training. Burn The Fat-Feed The Muscle, created by exercise physiologist and natural bodybuilderTom Venuto, has been the best-selling comprehensive program since 2003.

It gets results for guys who want to get rid of male belly fat and increase lean muscle mass.

Fat burning workouts start with getting your diet in order. Here is a fact of life: There is NO WAY you can ever exercise-off or run-off the fat needed to make you look chiseled, tight, and ripped.

Have you fallen for other courses that promise you can look like an Olympic decathlete in 10-12 weeks with workouts "known only to a select group?"

Have you purchased expensive (and totally worthless) "secret" supplements that guaranteed to shred belly fat and make your abs look like a railroad track?

Are you pretty much fed up with conflicting and convoluted training methods that don't show you any improvement, even after 6-8 months?

We've all been there, and it stinks. Doing the same routines session after session, never reducing your percent body fat, or increasing your lean muscle weight after a year is ridiculous.

It doesn't have to be that way any more. Tom's proven program has helped thousands of guys get the results they wanted.

His fat burning workouts for men are predicated on optimal nutrition, fundamental strength training exercises with weights, and structured interval training.

"Your goal should never be weight loss. Your goal should be losing fat while maintaining muscle. As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says. Your ratio of muscle to fat is what really counts."

.....Tom Venuto, page 9

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Fat Burning Workouts For Men - Tom Venuto Gets It Done

tom venuto will supercharge your fat burning workouts for men

* Tom's body is a testament to his training methods. One look, and you can see he is serious about both his diet and his workouts.

* In order for your workouts to melt off fat, you have got to make significant changes to your present diet.

* Getting the foods that taste great (sugar foods, refined carbs, fried foods, and starchy processed foods) out of your diet is a huge start. Pop, bagels, pizza, burgers and fries, bread, and pastries have very small muscle building elements...but boy are they great for increasing body fat!

* With Tom's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program, your time in the weight room will be much less, but definitely more focused and intense.

* Forget about mindless hours on the treadmill or reading a magazine on the stationary bike, your cardio will now consist of interval workouts...just like those used by Olympic and professional athletes to blowtorch fat and increase lean muscle.

* Fat burning workouts are not harsh, but they are decidedly more purposeful and intent than what the average guys do at the gym. Add in eating with more awareness, and you cannot help changing the look of your body.

Any Burn The Fat review I do will be biased because I have been on Tom's program since about 2005, and my results have been great.

Without a doubt, Tom has the best workout and diet plan for men available.

If you truly want proven fat burning workouts for men that get measurable results, please checkout his Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle eBook.

toms book has four differrent fat burning workouts for men that can all be modified

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