Fat Loss Dieting

You can lose belly fat with a safe and sensible program

Fat loss dieting must be safe and sensible. You can lose belly fat and thigh fat with a fat loss diet that is progressive and simple to maintain. Dieting for fat loss does not have to be complicated.

I know all of the hype on the Internet promises you incredible results, like losing 25 lbs and 4" in three weeks, but at what price? What would a drastic fat loss like that do to your system?

In reality, there would be some type of health consequence...and it would not be positive.

If you plan on starting a diet for fat loss, please take a few minutes and review this excellent criteria for safe weight loss put out by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

The best diet for women is one that is easy to initiate, simple to maintain, forgiving if there are slips, and gives you solid results by helping you adhere to a more positive lifestyle.

Fat loss dieting must be progressive and easily integrated into your daily routine

fat loss dieting must be progressive, safe, and sensible

An easy, healthy diet plan will go a long ways in helping you commit to reducing belly fat and staying on it. Why? Because it will help you become more in tune with a positive lifestyle that centers on good food choices and regular, consistent exercise.

* When dieting for fat loss, there is absolutely NO NEED for expensive (and worthless) supplements, special prepackaged meals, starvation experiences, brutal workouts, dangerous diet pills...or worst of all, surgery.

* The best thing you can do is to first commit to learning how your body works, your caloric maintenance level (usually your Weight x 10 + 10%) and what foods are most easily stored as fat. (What are bad carbs?)

* Set realistic goals. It took several years for you to put on weight, it will take some time for you to lose it. A drop of 1-2 lbs each week is pretty safe. In a 12-month period (52 weeks) it is staggering.

* There are simple diet tips, such as getting rid of ALL sugary and processed foods, and drinking more water that can help you right away.

* Just making the commitment to substitute fresh fruit for your snacks, instead of chips or cookies, will make a significant difference over a 6-month period of progressive and safe fat loss.

* Fat loss dieting is not only about making good food choices. To lose belly fat, you must begin making time for 20-40 minutes of continuous activity. Give up an hour of TV or time on the Internet. You can walk off belly fat just by being consistent.

* Finally commit to knowing yourself much better. Take a hard look at the emotions, situations, and behaviors that sabotage you into making poor food choices and a lack of portion control. Start establishing a solid support system. Emotional eating is probably THE most destructive force in shattering fat loss goals.

We wish you the best in reaching your goals. Fat loss dieting is best served by a commitment to yourself, patience, and progression.

The best beginner's plan for fat loss dieting

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