Are There Secret Foods To Trim Belly Fat?

there are no secret foods to trim belly fat only good food choices

Good food choices and regular exercise burn belly fat

Foods to trim belly fat? Can fat loss really be that easy? Actually, it is good food choices and exercise to build lean muscle that helps you lose belly fat and thigh fat.

We understand you came here because you heard (or read on the Internet) that there were "secret" foods fitness models use to burn targeted belly fat.

Sadly, there is NO truth whatsoever in that rumor.

First, you reduce belly fat by establishing a calorie-deficit...meaning you burn more calories than you take in on a weekly basis. This is done through a combination of making good food choices and committing to a consistent exercise routine.

Secondly, there is NO such thing as targeted fat loss. Despite all of the hype you may read on other sites, body fat is NOT lost in sections. That is not reality.

Forget about foods that trim belly fat

forget about foods that trim belly fat and concentrate on making good food choices and getting consistent exercise Concentrate, instead, on making positive lifestyle changes that relate to good food choices, regular workouts that include weight training, and daily continuous activity for 30-40 minutes.

* You can start reducing belly fat and thigh fat simply by cutting sugar foods and processed foods out of your diet.

* When the body has to process chemicals and toxins, it makes it difficult to breakdown calories and burn them efficiently.

* Start replacing sugar foods/snacks with fresh fruits.

* You can begin easing yourself away from bread, pastas, and pizza. These may be good for carbs if you are running a triathlon in two days, but NOT for a normal woman's diet.

* You can start learning which foods promote the building of lean muscle, and which ones are easily stored as belly fat and thigh fat.

* The tremendous benefits of drinking water seem to get lost in fat loss plans...when, actually, they enhance them.

* Just as there are no secret foods to trim belly fat, there are also NO secret supplements. Please do not get conned and waste your money on slick-marketed powders, shakes, or smoothies.

* Adding mild cardio when you first start making positive changes will accelerate belly fat loss. Walking and fat loss go hand-in-hand.

Get toned, flat female abs with a proven program

there are no foods to trim belly fat, but there is a proven program to get flat female abs

Although there are no special secret foods to trim belly fat, there is a solid proven program to help you achieve pleasing and toned female abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs exploded onto the Internet about five years ago.

In that time, this best-selling eBook by Mike Geary has helped 1000's of women lose belly fat and make their fat loss permanent.

* Mike's program is focused on natural and gradually progressive fat loss.

* There are NO worthless (i.e. expensive) supplements. NO idiotic exercise gadgets. NO harsh workouts. And NO dangerous pills.

* Mike's fat loss program centers on optimal nutrition, building lean muscle to naturally increase metabolism, and intelligent cardio.

If you have felt discouraged when you look at your body in the mirror. If you have wanted to eliminate belly fat and make fat loss may want to consider The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

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