Walking And Fat Loss

Walking off the pounds requires commitment

Walking and fat loss can go hand in hand. You can burn belly fat with a safe and sensible diet, and a consistent routine of walking for fat loss.

The key to eliminating belly fat is establishing a "calorie deficit"...meaning you burn more calories than you take in.

There are hundreds of websites and late night cable TV shows promising incredible results and fast fat loss, but the loss of more than 1-2 lbs per week is not sensible or safe.

To lose 1 lb per week, you need to burn an extra 3500 calories over 7 days. You CANNOT do this by exercise alone. You must reduce the majority of those calories by making good food choices.

Walking for fat loss and covering 3 miles each day, will help you burn between 150 -170 calories.

Walking and fat loss: A great goal that is achievable

walking and fat loss

* Walking is a great beginner activity for people who want to establish a regular and consistent 30-40 minutes of daily activity.

* You can walk outdoors and enjoy the natural environment or inside on a treadmill.

* Many malls open early in the morning for walkers who want a safe and enclosed environment to walk. Check with the one closest to you.

* In order to burn belly fat effectively, you must start making positive food choices. An easy healthy diet plan is your most valuable asset.

* Walking requires little equipment. Make sure you purchase your shoes at a quality walking/running store so you can ask critical questions and gain awareness on different shoes.

* DO NOT purchase the cheapest shoes at a discount department store.

* There are many benefits of drinking water. Make sure you stay hydrated, especially in hot-weather climates.

* To burn belly fat, its better to increase the distance walked before you consider increasing your speed.

* Brisk walking will burn more calories, but you must work up to both distance and speed.

* Walking will increase lean muscle tissue. You will not notice it for several months, but physiological changes will be taking place. New muscle growth will burn extra energy.

* Making a commitment to maintain a consistent walking and diet plan will help prepare you for beginning a program of regular weight training.

* Remember, before you start any walking and fat loss program, talk with your physician and let them know your strategy.

walk for fat loss

Start Walking - Lose Weight Progressively

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