Fast Fat Loss

Fast weight loss has too many negative consequences

Fast fat loss is marketed with a lot of hype on the Internet, but intense fat loss comes with severe consequences. You can burn belly fat with a program that does NOT advocate you to lose fat fast.

Nobody likes it when they first notice in the mirror that they have put on way too much fat. That visual can cause a lot of emotion and the desire to lose it can accelerate urgency.

When your decisions come from emotion, as opposed to logic, they are normally poorly thought-out, and fail to look at adverse consequences.

The urge to lose fat quickly is understandable, however, acting on that urge will sabotage your fat loss goals. There is NO NEED to pursue starvation diets, expensive diet supplements, or dangerous diet pills.

Fast fat loss is not reality

fast fat loss * Intense fat loss will foul-up your metabolism.

* Fast weight loss is artificial. It is not a Life-lasting program.

* Safe and sensible fat loss is progressive, not fast.

* It is recommended that you adhere to an easy healthy diet plan.

* Safe and sensible programs recommend losing only 1-2 lbs. per week.

* Sensible diets follow the characteristics of safe weight loss.

* Most fat loss supplements are expensive and worthless.

* There is NO NEED to look for the best fat loss pills.

* The best diet for women is uncomplicated and sensible.

* Rapid fat loss depends on starvation diets and very low-calorie diets.

* Progressive fat loss is based on realistic medical research.

* Intense fat loss includes harsh workouts and questionable pills.

* Progressive fat loss makees a commitment to a more positive lifestyle.

Prolonged adherence on a quick fat loss program is extremely risky. Rapid weight loss has too many consequences to even be considered a valid strategy to burn belly fat.

These consequences include:

Headaches, irritability, and fatigue.
Constipation, menstrual irregularities, and dizziness.
Malnutrition from not eating enough protien.
Dehydration from a lack of replenishing water stores.

You can burn belly fat and lose thigh fat with progressive fat loss dieting. There is no need to lose fat fast.

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