Get Ripped Abs In A Week?

get ripped abs in a week

Don't get played by sites promising you'll get ripped abs in a week.

Get ripped abs in a week! Many sites claim you can get defined abs in a week, but that is truly unrealistic. You can burn male belly fat and get the lean Hollywood look, but it will definitely take some time.

If you came here seeking some magic silver bullet to give you a body women want to just seven is better to just go to another site.

We deal in reality, here, and even if you decided to start injecting massive dosages of steroids, right now, you still would NOT have ripped abs a week from now.

Remember when research came out that using cinnamon on your foods would increase your metabolism...and burn fat from the inside out? How did THAT work? (Guys thought they could sprinkle cinnamon on a cupcake, and magically look like an Olympic hurdler.)

Or how about, just taking 5 mg of creatine a day...and expecting to look like an NFL defensive back? Huh...that didn't work either???

Here is the bottomline: It took time to put a layer of fat over your abs, it will now take time and effort to strip it away.

If you are truly sincere about wanting to get ripped abs, your best bet is to go with a proven program like Visual Impact Muscle Building.

This comprehensive program, created by Rusty Moore, has become an underground best-seller for one simple reason...It flat out works.

you cannot get ripped abs in one week

You simply cannot get ripped abs in a week

you simply cannot get ripped abs in a week

* Visual Impact Muscle Building has exploded into the Top 1% of courses sold because of guys in the 18-35 years old age groups.

* Guys between these ages want to look like athletes and will workout hard to get the lean Hollywood look that chicks admire.

* Visual Impact Muscle Building is comprehensive. It covers diet, resistance training, and interval workouts. You will eat better, you will definitely get stronger, and you will blowtorch fat cells.

* Rusty Moore's course is no-nonsense. It is all about quality nutrition, brief...but intense strength training, and fat-burning intervals. This is EXACTLY how Oympic and professional athletes train.

* Male belly fat is a sexual turn-off for women. To get rid of it, you must build lean muscle mass over your entire body to amp up your metabolism. By training like an athlete, you will increase your overall muscularity.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is periodized into three, 8-week segments. At the end of that time, you should see a tremendous change in your physique.

Six months may seem like a long time, but you will be rewarded in the end with a more muscular build. Keep in mind, though, there are plenty of other sites who will gladly take your money with the promise that you will get ripped abs in a week.

there is no way you can get ripped abs in a week

forget about the hoax to get ripped abs in a week

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