Get The Lean Hollywood Look

get the lean hollywood look with rusty moore's visual impact program

The lean, tight, muscular look is the one most admired by women

Get the lean Hollywood look with a proven program by Rusty Moore. Burn belly fat and increase your lean muscle to get the build women admire in a man.

Burn this into your brain: Chicks are NOT drawn to the swollen, extreme, bodybuilder look. It is way too over the top for their tastes. Women want guys to look like some of the stars they see in the movies, or like the Olympic athletes they see on TV.

To women, guys who are lean and a little cut, look way more fit and athletic than the guys who look like they could bench press a Buick.

Fortunately, Rusty Moore, the guy who coined the term, "lean Hollywood look," has designed a specific program to get you a more defined build.

get the lean hollywood look with the visual impact program from rusty moore

* Rusty's book is 72 pages of solid information. He has no time for fluff.

* You will learn the exact nutritional strategy you need to burn belly fat and increase your lean muscle mass.

* You will know what particular foods to stay away from. You will learn to eat with far more awareness.

* You will learn the specific rep/sets needed in the weightroom to get ripped look that appeals to women.

* You'll learn some of the myths surrounding strength training and the exercises that sabotage gaining muscularity.

* Cardio will be a crucial element of your program, but it will be nothing like you think.

* Interval training will be the foundation of your cardio. You will find yourself training like an athlete, not like a health club member.

To get the Lean Hollywood Look will require some work on your part. A lot of it will be more mental because you will now concentrate on intensity and becoming stronger. But, it will definitely be worth it.

get the lean hollywood look with with rusty moores visual impact program

Melt fat, increase lean muscle, look ripped!

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