How To Get Bigger Arms In The Next Year

Learn how to get bigger arms with strength training lifts. In order to increase arm size, you must integrate full-body workouts.

Two of the biggest hurdles you must get past are (1) You can get bigger arms fast. You CANNOT. And (2) A variety of curls are the best way to increase arm size. They're NOT.

how to get bigger arms

* Gaining size on your arms takes time. Yes, you can make some substantial gains in your first 6 months, but after that you will have to work very hard to increase size.

* In order to get bigger arms, you must continue to get stronger so you can handle heavier weights. Two exercises that you MUST include to increase your overall strength at Squats and Deadlifts.

* Curls will be part of your workouts, but they will NOT be a dominant part. The biceps are too easily exhausted and Biceps tendonitis/Medial epicondylitis is a debilitating injury. You do not need it.

* By far, one of the finest resources for increasing strength and size progressively is Beyond Brawn: How to Build Muscle and Might by Stuart McRobert, the guy who coined the term "Hardgainer."

* Pressing movements, especially Military Presses with both barbells and dumbbells give substantial strength (and size) to the triceps...which comprise 60% of your arm muscles.

* Weighted dips and weighted pull-ups are two other strength-building exercises that will yield excellent results. It may take an entire year for you to gain solid strength and technique in both of these.

* Brief, intense Hardgainer routines are the key in finding how to get bigger arms.

The 20 Rep Squat is a valuable routine

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