How To Get Ripped Abs

learn how to get ripped abs

A proven program is the optimal way to burn belly fat

How to get ripped abs? The theory is simple: you have to establish a weekly calorie deficit until your percent body fat gets low enough so your abs can be seen. A proven program will get you there.

how to get ripped abs? go with a proven program like mike geary's

Mike Geary's Truth About Abs is a best-seller for one reason...It Gets Results.

Guys who commit to his proven program of optimal nutrition and strength building workouts to increase lean muscle mass, now have the "Lean Hollywood Look that fascinates women.

use old school strategies to learn how to get ripped abs

* Mike's program makes sense to guys because he has you start eating like an athlete.

* Diet is truly the key to getting ripped abs. There is NO WAY you can ever expend enough calories to "run-off" or "exercise-off" the layer of fat covering your abs. It is much easier to get lean and muscular by eating consciously.

* You will learn exactly which foods benefit the gain in lean muscle and which ones are too easily stored as flab on your waist.

* Forget about adding a 1000 crunches to your daily routine. (That does NOT work!) Mike provides only 20 ab exercises, many of them unconventional (except to Olympic and professional athletes.)

* If solid nutrition is the foundation of Mike's program, then full-body strength building workouts are the backbone.

* You will get stronger. You will become more muscular. You will become more lean.

* Mike's program is an aggressive blueprint for guys to get the results they want. It will help you learn exactly how to get ripped abs.

Male Belly Fat is a complete turn-off to women

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