How To Lose Stomach Fat

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Women want to know how to lose stomach fat. They want to know the best easy diet to burn belly fat and the right exercises to help them.

Women's fat loss has become a more prominent news topic because of the increase in Type II diabetes and heart disease showing up in women earlier in their life span.

Daily, women are bombarded with an overload of information from both the TV and the Internet on fat loss to get rid of belly fat and thigh fat.

There is the latest "ultimate diet"...the "newest high-tech home workout" product...and an endless parade of expensive (and worthless) "secret supplements."

Is is any wonder women get confused and almost paralyzed with not wanting to make a bad decision about the direction of their fat loss plan?

Fact: Women already know how to lose stomach fat

women want to know how to lose stomach fat

Yes, it's true. Women already know how to lose stomach fat, they've heard the necessary elements for years...

* Establish a weekly/monthly calorie deficit. (Burn more calories than you eat.)
* Make good food choices.
* Participate in 30 minutes of continuous activity daily.
* Build lean muscle tissue with regular weight training workouts.
* Drink more water. (Shoot for a gallon each day.)
* Get restful sleep of more than 6 hours each night.

So...if we know these things, why do we fail so often?

Believe it or not, fat loss dieting is more about psychological and emotional factors than it is about physically doing the work needed.

I wish I had some magic words that could help everyone who has suffered through the discouragement of losing inches down close to your goal, then hitting a plateau, and ballooning back up...

I wish I had some kind of "diet dust" to take away the misery of Yo-Yo dieting...

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the inches disappear as easily as they came on...

...but I can't.

Reality, though, has to be faced. The only person who can truly get the job done is YOU...and YOU alone.

The secret of how to lose stomach fat lies inside you

learning how to lose stomach fat means making positive lifestyle choices * If you truly want to lose stomach fat, then you must commit wholeheartedly to a more positive lifestyle...and it must be FOR LIFE.

* You must burn it into your brain that CALORIES are the culprit in fat gain. You must work to establish a slight...NOT drastic...calorie deficit each week.

* You must commit to learning how your body works and how poor food choices affect fat storage.

* You must commit to staying away from sugar, processed foods, bad carbs, sodas, and reduce your weekly servings of bread, pasta, and even bottled fruit juices.

* You must commit to regular and consistent exercise...including weight training to build lean muscle. Weight training for women is highly beneficial.

* You must commit to 30 minutes of continuous physical activity each day, if possible. You can walk off belly fat when you pair it with making intelligent food choices.

* You must commit to identifying your feelings and learn how emotional situations impact your need to quiet them with calorie-laden simple (bad) carbs.

* You must commit to identifying behaviors, situations, and carelessness of attitude that sabotage your fat loss goals...and do whatever it takes to overcome them in a positive way.

* You must commit to establishing a positive support system and learn how to mentally shield yourself from negative comments and influence. This will take work.

* You must commit to understanding that fat loss is progressive. It will take more time than you expect to see results when you follow a proven sensible and safe program.

You DO NOT need harsh, restrictive, or controlling diets. You DO NOT need exhausting commando workouts. You DO NOT need high-tech home-exercise gadgets, phony supplements, or $200 dollar courses on how to lose stomach fat.

YOU have YOU...and YOU can do it! Yes, there will be bumps in your path, and yes you will have to fight through some tough spots, but if your truly commit to using sensible and safe ways to eliminate belly fat...YOU will win.

We wish you the best in your journey to a life without fat. We are on the same road.

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