Insanity Workout

The ultimate home cardio workout to eliminate belly fat

The Insanity Workout, with Shaun T, is the ultimate home cardio workout to burn belly fat. Cardio exercise at home is taken to a whole new level with the Insanity CD set. Eliminate belly fat at home.

The Insanity Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program is fast becoming the home cardio workout of choice for both men and women.

Thanks to the incredible amount of air time it receives on cable TV, it is quickly becoming a huge competitor to the popular P90X Exercise Program.

Why is the Insanity Cardio Workout so popular for burning belly fat?

the insanity workout will help you burn belly fat

* Go at your own speed. You can take breaks.

* The program is based on interval training.

* Your very first session is 30 minute Fit Test.

* The workouts are from 35-45 minutes in Month 1

* Workout time increases to 60 minutes in Month 2.

* There is a "Recovery Week" between Month 1 and 2.

* The program of exercises changes daily.

* These are all body weight exercises. No equipment.

* A wall calendar shows what workout you will do.

* A easy to follow nutrition plan is included.

* This 10 DVD set is focused on helping you see fat loss results in 60 days.

Anything else I should know about the Insanity Cardio Workout?

the insanity workout will help you eliminate belly fat * This is NOT for the true beginner to home cardio workouts.

* Since the central focus is to burn fat, there are not many upper body strengthening exercise movements.

* Many purchasers integrate this DVD set in with their P90X workouts at the end of Month 2.

* Most of the exercises are centered on the legs, hips, and abdominals since those large muscles burn the most calories.

* The workouts are intense, explosive, and require commitment.

* You will get very sweaty and have to drink a lot of water.

Which Insanity workout burns the most calories?

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