Which Insanity Workout Burns The Most Calories?

which insanity workout burns the most calories

Which Insanity workout burns the most belly fat?

"Which insanity workout burns the most calories?" We get this question all the time when talk turns to Insanity Workouts.

I'm not trying to waffle here on giving you an answer. I'll do my best by saying...I am not really sure.

The reason behind this is that Insanity workouts to burn belly fat are done over 60 days. The first 30 days can be brutal to even the most fit person.

(Remember, Insanity workouts are NOT FOR BEGINNERS. They are high-tensity routines that force individuals who have been training to eliminate belly fat and build lean muscle tissue.)

The workouts during the first 30 days last about 40 minutes.

The second 30 days are even more intense and the routines last 60 minutes.

During that first month of exercising with Insanity, you are burning calories like an industrial furnace burns steel. You are also building incredible strength and endurance.

However, in the second 30 days, the routines are amped-up in both intensity and duration. Once again, you are burning calories like a grass fire burns a dry prairie.

I truly doubt if a team of exercise physiologists could make a valid study of this question.

The Reason Behind This Question

the reasons behind the question which insanity workout burns the most calories People ask "Which insanity workout burns the most calories?" with the idea in mind that they will just do the same routine over and over in order to burn the most belly fat possible in the shortest amount of time.

Trust me, this will NOT work at all.

Why? One big reason...

You will burnout both mentally and physically before you can complete a week of doing nothing but the Insanity Pure Cardio or the Insanity Max Interval Circuit. (These routines are normally said to be the toughest.)

With no variety and no decrease in intensity your motivation will go straight downhill, your system will not be able to recover properly, and you will have an even greater risk of sustaining an "over-use injury."

It is not worth it.

Insanity workouts have been planned with both progression and periodization in mind.

These quality routines to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle bring the most significant results when the exercise protocol is followed exactly.

It makes no sense to dwell on the question, "Which insanity workout burns the most calories?" when you need to be focusing on your diet and giving your best effort each workout session.

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