Localized Fat Loss

Losing belly fat takes sustained effort, not fat loss tricks

Localized fat loss is just another name for the myth of spot reducing. If you need to lose belly fat and are looking for fat loss tricks, you will be disappointed. Losing belly fat requires some work.

Let's put an end to the nonsense right away. The body is not sectioned into compartments of manageable fat deposits. You CANNOT pick one area of your body and exercise that region to specifically lose fat.

However, supplement and exercise equipment companies have made $1,000,000's of dollars off desperate people who need to lose belly fat.

"Secret" (expensive) supplements and "Special" (expensive and poorly-made) exercise equipment dominate late-night cable TV ads.

It doesn't have to be this way, you can utilize an easy, healthy diet program to reach your fat loss goals.

You just need to understand that localized fat loss is nonsense. The only fat loss tricks that work are when YOU work intelligently to lose belly fat in a progressive and sensible way.

Spot reducing only happens on dirty clothes day

localized fat loss is a myth

As goofy as that statement sounds, at least you'll remember it. Targeted fat loss gets a lot of attention on TV and the Internet, but the only target that marketers have in mind is your wallet.

* Losing belly fat takes a concentrated effort using a proven program of progressive fat loss.

* A fat loss diet program does NOT focus on localized fat loss, it centers on reducing overall body fat and includes (1) establishing a calorie deficit (burning more calories than are eaten), (2) participating in continuous physical activity for 30 minutes at least four times each week, and (3) following a regular and consistent exercise routine that includes weight training to build lean muscle tissue and increase your metabolism naturally.

* The only fat loss tricks that work are: individual motivation, being aware of what you eat and the affects on your body, getting the required exercise and activity week-in and week-out, knowing what behaviors sabotage your fat loss goals, and making positive lifestyle changes that emphasize healthy living.

* If you need to lose belly fat, take the time to investigate the programs we recommended above. Do not allow your emotions to trick you into believing about localized fat loss.

* Before starting any kind of diet/exercise program, talk to your physician and read this short list of criteria for a sensible weight loss program by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

We wish you the best in your journey to a life without fat.

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