Lose Beer Belly Fat

Male beer belly fat is a turn off to women

Lose beer belly fat and become more appealing to women. It takes more than just some beer belly loss tips to make a substantial change in your body composition. However, you can get rid of beer belly fat with a proven program that will build lean muscle mass and burn belly fat.

Maybe back in college, sorority girls thought your fledgling beer belly was "cute", but in the professional world, it is a complete turn-off.

Turn on any women's talk show and you'll find out real quick how adamant chicks are about their negative feelings toward guys who look soft, flabby, and unathletic.

The image of the Alpha Male, in their mind, is lean, muscular, and defined. They much prefer the look of a Hollywood star or Olympic athlete over the steroid-bloated muscle of professional bodybuilders and wrestlers.

If you want to lose beer belly fat, you must commit to a proven program that will teach you how to burn belly fat while building lean muscle mass.

To get rid of beer belly fat, you must have patience and a legitimate plan

lose beer belly fat with a proven program All of us like to have fun when we're out with our buddies. Watching the game, sharing a few pitchers and pizza, and laughing most of the evening is a great way to relax after a stressful day at work...but it takes its toll on you physically.

It took several years to get completely out of shape, and it will take some time and a solid mental commitment to get rid of beer belly fat. Idiotic diets that promise you'll lose 20 lbs in three weeks are worthless. Trust me, you won't build any lean muscle mass in that time and you'll probably end up jeopardizing your metabolism.

If you plan to lose beer belly fat, you must...

* Commit fully to a lifelong plan of making good food choices. (Eating like a professional or Olympic athlete...eating to build muscle.)

* Commit fully to consistent and regular workouts that include basic weight lifting exercises for building fat loss muscle.

* Commit fully to knowing how your body works and how food affects it. The biggest fact you need to burn into your brain is calories are the key. In order to burn belly fat, you must establish a calorie-deficit week after week.

* Commit to daily activity, even if it is just walking. You CAN walk off belly fat, you do not have to start off running 5 miles each morning.

* Commit to knowing EXACTLY what emotions, what situations, and what behaviors sabotage your goals to lose beer belly fat. Making the decision to stay away from these will be difficult and take all of your self-discipline.

Tom Venuto has the best proven program to lose beer belly fat

burn the fat feed the muscle is a proven program to lose beer belly fat

Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is, perhaps, the finest program for helping men get rid of male beer belly fat.

It has helped 1000's of men (and women) get rid of unwanted fat and make their fat loss permanent.

Tom's program focuses on creating a more positive lifestyle of good food choices, intelligent weight training to increase your metabolism naturally, and a progressive cardio plan that seeks to have you training like an athlete once you are ready for interval workouts.

One look at Tom and you can see he practices what he preaches. He is a natural (no steroids) bodybuilder with a degree in Exercise Science. He definitely has the body type women admire...lean, cut, and athletic.

Think about some of times during the past few years when you've felt embarrassed about taking off your shirt around women or too ashamed of your build to even talk with a great-looking girl. It doesn't have to be that way any more.

You can lose beer belly fat with Tom's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program.

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