Lose Male Belly Fat - Increase Lean Muscle Mass

You can lose male belly fat with a mens workout program that integrates fat loss by building lean muscle mass. Make yourself more attractive to women with muscle mass workouts that get results.

You know by now that nothing turns a woman off more than seeing a guy who is interested in her, take off his shirt and expose a sloppy, unathletic physique.

There is NO sexual attraction on their part.

When a woman sees a guy with a beer belly, love handles, or no abdominal definition at all, her little Inner Princess says, "This guy has no will-power. He's lazy. He has low energy. He can't last through the night."

While that might not even be close to true, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Why blow it when you can eliminate belly fat and make your fat loss permanent?

In poll after poll, women make it clear they DO NOT desire guys who are steroid-enhanced...instead, they are turned on by lean physiques that show broad shoulders, a trim waist, and strong, athletic legs.

Women call this the Lean Hollywood Look

You can lose male belly fat with a proven program that focuses on making better food choices while integrating muscle mass workouts to increase your metabolism.

A men's workout program must combine weight training exercises to burn fat, intelligent cardio, eating right, drinking more water, and getting more sleep.

Ask any guy and he'll tell you he'd love to get rid of male belly fat and increase his lean muscle mass, yet a 5 minute observation of the male population shows most of them carrying excessive flab and love handles.

Why is this?

The answer is easy: It takes TIME to burn belly fat, it takes EFFORT to gain lean muscle, and you must make significant changes in your diet.

In a nutshell, getting the body you want is not easy...it is not immediate...and you cannot keep eating whatever you please.

Most guys who say they want to lose male belly fat simply do not want to make the effort.

It has taken awhile to put on belly fat and sloppy love handles. Does it sound like much of a sacrifice to buy into a program of progressive fat loss and an increase of lean muscle mass?

Steps To Lose Male Belly Fat

lose male belly fat with tom venuto's program * The MAIN key to getting rid of excess fat is your diet. You simply cannot keep eating the foods that sabotage your body and expect to be lean and muscular. That is not reality.

* If you want to look strong and fit, you must start eating consciously, like an athlete. You must know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth at all times.

* Get all sugar foods (pop, donuts, cereals, desserts, etc.) OUT of your diet as soon as you can. All they do is create abdominal fat. There is no nutritional value.

* Get oily foods and fat foods out of your diet.

* This will be tougher, but you need to start cutting WAY back on breads, starchy carbs, and processed foods like pizza and pasta. Those carbs are way too easily stored as belly fat and love handles.

* Start drinking more water. This will stimulate your metabolism. The benefits of drinking water cannot be understated.

* To lose male belly fat more quickly, add in a proven program of strength training workouts with weights to naturally increase metabolism.

* Get away from your computer, get away form the TV and your cell phone...and start getting 30-45 minutes of continuous physical activity everyday.

* Even if you have to start by just walking...DO IT! You will get stronger and build up to where you can jog and then run.

* You must get strong enough that you can add in interval training workouts a couple of times per week. This is how Olympic and professional athletes keep off belly fat and build lean muscle tissue.

Deal in reality: Remember, it took several years for you to put on excessive fat and love handles. Despite what sites on the Internet tell you, you cannot get rid of them in just a few weeks. Fat loss and muscular increase are PROGRESSIVE.

The truth that guys refuse to listen to is that setting markers for 12 weeks (if you are using an intense program like the P90X exercise program) or 25 weeks - 36 weeks for more traditional plans is what needs to be done.

A Proven Program to Lose Male Belly Fat

lose male belly fat with a proven program

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