Losing Weight The Unhealthy Way

losing weight the unhealthy way

Stop losing weight the unhealthy way and get better results!

Losing weight the unhealthy way is like playing with fire. Women's weight loss does not need to be dangerous or complicated. You can lose belly fat, in a healthy way, with a proven program of sensible strategies.

Many times, when women make the commitment to lose belly fat, they want to have it gone in the shortest amount of time possible. For this reason, they can succumb to the seduction of unhealthy ways to lose weight.

The promise of fast fat loss is extremely difficult to ignore because savvy marketers play on the emotions of women. They understand that feeling heavy and unattractive is a burden that creates depression in women...and they exploit it.

Have you ever felt so discouraged about your size that you found yourself mired in dangerous ways to lose weight? Have you followed some severely restrictive or controlling diets, lost a great deal of weight, but gained even more back when you were overcome with cravings?

Yo-Yo dieting is a humiliating by-product of losing weight the unhealthy way, and a great many women fight it every day.

Truly, it does not have to be this way. You can follow a sensible and safe proven program, melt off belly fat and thigh fat...and discover how to keep it off for a lifetime.

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Losing Weight The Unhealthy Way - What are the signs?

dangerous ways to lose weight the unhealthy way Unhealthy weight loss is like an epidemic among young adult women, ages 20-26. Older women have more life experience, and are willing to be more patient, BUT they can still fall prey to the hype of quick weight loss.

The best measure for exposing if you are losing weight the unhealthy way is if you are constantly feeling tired, irritable, and controlled by your diet. Below are some of the signs of dangerous ways to lose weight.

* Diets that are extreme in calorie reduction.

* Extreme exercise programs that leave you spent, exhausted, and injured.

* Diets that severely restrict the intake of a specific macro-nutrient...like carbs or fats.

* Losing weight by starvation, which is far different from healthy, intermittent fasting

* Taking prescription diet pills that have harmful side effects.

* Bariatric or lap-band surgery.

If you are following protocol for any of these methods, terminate it NOW! You deserve to look and feel as beautiful as you wish. Damaging your system in the name of fat loss is not the road you want to take.

Weight Loss Success Stories - Lose belly fat sensibly and safely

losing weight the unhealthy way will damage your system Like I said above, there is no reason for extremes when it comes to women's weight loss. You will have a much more positive experience when you get rid of the notion of "dieting" and begin making positive changes in your lifestyle.

Here are some guiding principles from the Flat Belly Solution, which is a best-seller created by nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios.

* First, start with the mindset that you are NOT dieting. You are making wholesome changes to your lifelong eating habits.

* Begin eating consciously...not mindlessly.

* Get sugar foods (desserts, pastries, pop, cereal in boxes, etc.) completely out of your life. They may taste good, but they are deadly to fat storage.

* Reduce the amount of processed foods you eat, and keep eliminating them until they are completely out, too. These foods may taste delicious, but they are loaded with carbs, bad fats, and chemicals.

* Make the majority of your food choices from natural foods and solid protein sources.

Drink more water throughout the day, get more restful sleep, and shoot for a progressive weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week.

You can get the body you want without losing weight the unhealthy way.

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